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One Of A Kind Gift I See Me Personalized Childrens Books Sweepstakes

One Of A Kind Gift

My youngest daughter will be turning 2 before I know it and I have been looking for a one of a kind gift to give her.  I must admit my kids are very spoiled and have just about every toy ever made (exaggeration but not really).  So in my quest to find the right gift for her I ruled out toys and thought about books instead.  She loves books and will sit for hours looking at them, reading in her own little language mostly.  I happened upon a company called I See Me and they create personalized childrens books.  What a cool idea!  The one thing she doesn’t have is a book all about her.  They were generous enough to make one for her 2nd Birthday and send it to me for review.

Personalized Board Books For Kids

I don’t know why the thought never crossed my mind to look for personalized board books for kids.  When the package arrived, I was blown away by what I saw and I got a little teary eyed (wondering where has 2 years gone and she will treasure this book for years to come).  The title of the book is My Very Happy Birthday and on the first page I was able to put a personalized note to Grace.  The story is about a duck, turtle, mouse and bluebird that work together to plan a very happy 2nd birthday for Grace.  On each page there is a reference to her and her birthday party, it also includes her date of birth which I thought was a nice touch.  The story is incredibly cute and easy to read.  The colors and illustrations are perfect and I know she is going to love and cherish this book.  You can purchase a book like mine for $24.95.
I See Me carries a full line of books including: My Very Own Fairy Tale Storybook, My Very Own Pirate Tale and Who Loves Me.  You can have it in either the girl or boy version.  They are perfect gifts for the kids in your life and it’s not one of those items that will be tossed to the side.  This is a book that can be put aside and given to them when they grow up and move out!  They also carry personalized place mats. One thing that impressed me was that I See Me has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If your book does not arrive in good condition or has an error, your purchase is free, if your child rips a page 5 years from now, they will remake the book for free…this company is standing behind their work and for that I commend them!  Check them out on Facebook!
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