Let’s face it, car dealers are not exactly known for the cutting edge design of their websites; after all, who has time when you’re busy in one of the most competitive industries out there? The good news is that you don’t have to break the mould to bring customers to your landing page, but the bad news is that you still have to put more into it than you do right now. Your website should have two goals: a) increase traffic (but not just any traffic, you want more people clicking their way to you because they want to buy what you’re selling) and b) turn those clicks into good leads.

  1. Chat Room Software: If you haven’t heard of car dealer chat room software from Gubagoo.com, tools like this are changing the landscape of online lead generation. Using 24/7 chat room and call operators, you can provide customer support for researching visitors around the clock. Since it’s introduction, live chat has become one of the most popular tools online, not least because consumers actually love it. With a 73% satisfaction rating with consumers, live chat services such as Gubagoo, designed specifically for car dealers, is miles ahead of more conventional contact methods like phone calls and emails. But don’t be fooled by legacy models of this platform, because the new generation of live chat software is backed up by traffic analysis that helps operators identify what a visitor is interested in, without having to ask. 
  1. Cut the Clutter: Sometimes, car dealers are known for their character and personality, and while it can be aneffective way to build a brand in a local market, you can wind up shooting yourself in the foot if it takes over your online aesthetic. Remember goal #2: convert traffic into leads – in order to do that, you need to streamline the path to conversion. When a visitor decides they want to book a test drive, get out of their way and point them in the right direction.
  1. Make it Worthwhile: One way to convert traffic into leads is to offer visitors something in exchange for their contact info, but in order for that to be an effective strategy, it has to be worthwhile. Marketers call it value-added content, but you can just call it good advice. It has to be more than just a flyer with all of your latest inventory and incentives: think more along the lines of a guide, like “10 Things to Ask Before You Buy a Used Car,” or “The Ins and Outs of Financing.”
  1. SEO: Good content is a multi-tasker: not only does it help convert web traffic into leads, it brings more hits. Google bases its search results on how well the content on your site matches the search term someone plugs into its engine. Search Engine Optimization is the fine art of making sure Internet users can find you, and with car buyers spending more time than ever researching vehicles online, you can’t afford to miss out.
  1. Targeted Promotions: In case you haven’t noticed, the number one thing you can do to improve your website across the board is to make it relevant, and that goes for your incentives, too. Another element of a platform like Gubagoo’s is the incentives publisher – a pull-upmenu that scrolls through your dealer’s incentives. However, the publisher makes every experience unique by basing the incentives it shows to a unique visitor on their viewing history on your site. The best way to grab them is with information they want to know – don’t settle for software that provides anything less.