Orange Is The New Black

When I think about winter, words to describe it come to mind like drab, dreary, blah, and grey. Thank goodness that season is gone and we can turn our sights to spring.  When it comes to spring, I think of words like colorful, bright, happy, and uplifting. Speaking of bright, what are your thoughts on the color orange? Did you know in the fashion world, orange is the new black? According to many fashion greats, including Cosmopolitan magazine, orange is the top-trending color for spring and summer 2014. For many, this is not a color we typically have in our closets. Here are a few tips to help integrate this pop of color into your closet and beauty routine!

Orange Is The New Black Pin

Orange Is The New Black: How To Make It Work

  1. Clothing: When it comes to your closet, start with a few key pieces in the orange color scheme and build from there. For spring, a lightweight trench coat in a bright tangerine looks smart, professional and chic. A crisp white and orange pinstripe button down will look amazing with a pair of deep indigo pants. A pair of skinny jeans in a dark pumpkin are cute with a plain white tee.
  2. Beauty: Granted, we do not want to jump in with a bunch of orange makeup or other beauty products, but a little here and there can make a positive statement. A pretty coral lipstick or using a nail polish in a cute mandarin orange would be a great place to start.
  3. Accessories: Adding colorful orange accessories is easy, fun and adds whimsy to your look. What do you think about a white umbrella with orange polka dots or a belt in a deep burnt orange? Shoes are also really fun and an easy way to break into the orange is the new black fashion trend. A pair of strappy sandals, a cute wedge or a pair of flats in orange will make your ensemble sing with color and confidence.

Flojos Jessie Sandal

If you want a really adorable pair of sandals in a pretty coral color, the Jessie sandal from Flojos is perfect! This little tart shade of orange is trendy on this oh so comfortable and stylish shoe. The Jessie will seamlessly fit into your spring and summer wardrobe and it retails for just $27. You can purchase the Jessie from the Flojos website, Zappos, Amazon and other fine retailers nationwide. The chunky, woven leather thong pairs perfectly with shorts, slacks, jeans, dresses or a pair of capri pants.

The soft, leather sole and built-in arch support make this comfortable shoe perfect for shopping, going out with the girls, vacation or just running errands. In addition to the Jessie, the 2014 Flojos line includes sandals, shoes and boots for men, women, children and toddlers. The Flojos brand can be seen all over the country in popular chain stores, surf shops, specialty stores and fashion boutiques, or online at . Be sure to follow Flojos on Twitter and Tumblr.

How do you plan to incorporate orange into your spring and summer look?