Organic Hair Products

Since I turned 50, my hair has gone completely wackadoodle. The hair I had when I was in my 20’s and 30’s was soft, manageable, non-frizzy, shiny and healthy. Now my hair is dry, frizzy, dull and totally unmanageable. I hate it so much, I could absolutely scream. It has gotten to the point where I hate to go anywhere because I am embarrassed at the way my hair looks. I thought this was because I had turned 50, but after doing some research, I found it was also because I was using products filled with chemicals. If you are in the same place with your own hair, take a look at these facts I dug up on a more natural alternative:

4 Reasons To Use Organic Hair Products

  1. The Environment: If it is not bad enough that you are putting chemicals on your hair, you are also rinsing them down the drain. Do you wonder where the chemicals in your water go from there? They go into the sewer system which in turn goes into the local and then regional water supplies. Gross!
  2. Healthy Hair: Think about what happens when you get chemicals on your skin. You get rashes, irritations and in extreme cases, chemical burns. The same thing happens to your hair when you put chemicals on it. You strip the natural oils and dry and damage your hair. And yes, in extreme cases, you can burn your hair, which can lead to hair loss.
  3. Health You: When you get chemicals on your hair, you are going to get them on your body. So, in smaller amounts, you are exposing your body to toxins and poisons as well. Using organic hair products, you are saving your body from unnecessary damage and harmful effects.
  4. Value: People think organic products are out of this world expensive, but they really are not. The organic options tend to be a bit higher in cost, but overall, the gap is negligible. When you think about the health benefits, the cost of organic products is actually a better value.


So, I have a new favorite company who makes the best organic hair products; Ekatala. Ekatala is what happens when someone cares as much about her own health and the environment as she does your health. Kahle Daluiso is a yoga practitioner, has a vast knowledge of hair design and lives a healthy life filled with healthy and organic products. The journey that ended with the creation of the Ekatala line began with a quest to find a good organic gel for fly away hair for her clients at Lux Beauty Bar. She was told organic products would not perform as well as the chemically laced alternatives available. She knew that was bunk and she kept researching, analyzing and pursuing until Ekatala was born.

I was sent the following Ekatala products:

    • Organic Weightless Shampoo: This sulfate free shampoo has the most delicious citrus lime and coconut scent that leaves your hair so clean, shiny and super bouncy and full of body. It sells for $10 or 30, depending on the bottle size, either 2 or 8 ounces.
    • Organic Weightless Conditioner: This partner to the Weightless Shampoo has the same invigorating tropical scent and leaves your hair protected, strong, tangle free and you have tons of body. The cost and size is the same as the shampoo.
    • Organic Leave-In Conditioner: This has become my go-to product for a number of reasons. It leaves my hair super soft and shiny, but it also smells incredible and it knocks out your tangles like no one’s business. Caitlin has super long hair and we would fight with those tangles every morning, but not any more! We have taken the tears, stress and pain out of our morning routine. It sells for $12 for the 2 oz. and $30 for the 8 oz.
    • Organic Body Butter: Oh my goodness, this is like dream come true for my dry skin, especially my feet. It is made for thirsty skin like mine and it leaves my ashy and dry skin feeling soft, supple and smelling fantastic. It sells for $28 for the 4.6 oz and $45 for the 9 oz. size.
    • Organic Body Wash: I love how this stuff makes my skin feel! It is so soft and it moisturizes it like nothing I have used before. You can buy it in the 2 oz. bottle for $10, 8 oz. for $30 and $16 oz. for $42.
    • Organic Fly Away Gel: The product product that started the whole thing! This stuff is the cat’s meow ya’ll! It tames those pesky fly away hairs so well and you can apply it to your dry hair as often as you need to. It sells for $18.

When it comes to making the change from your chemically laden products to the organic hair products, it is really a no brainer! With the results I have gotten for mine and Caitlin’s hair, I cannot imagine using anything else! I am sold, and trust me, you will be as well! Stay connected with Ekatala by following them on Twitter and Instagram. Exclusive to Makobi Scribe winner, you can take 15% off your purchase when using the code “HOLIDAY14” at checkout. One USA reader will win $150 in organic beauty products from Ekatala.

Which of the Ekatala organic hair products would you be most interested in trying?