Organization For Spring Cleaning

Organization For Spring Cleaning

Ok readers, it is that time again for us to get our organization for spring cleaning ready.  First I must define my definition of spring cleaning as it may differ from yours.  My idea of spring cleaning is cleaning my baseboards, getting rid of outdated or ill-fitting clothes, clean under the sinks, etc.  My husband’s idea of the annual neat-fest is to clean out the dryer vent and if I’m lucky, he will move furniture when he vacuums.  So, I assume from your laughter that you have a similar spouse in your house (that was Dr. Seuss like wasn’t it?!).  So, we need to arm ourselves with the proper tools with which to have a successful outcome.  For myself, I take one room at a time and make a list of things I need to clean as well as storage for all the stuff my husband and kids (ok, and me sometimes) have been shoving into any available spaces. Organization For Spring CleaningOrganized Living is a wonderful company who has been helping people gets their lives in order for more than 15 years.  With their passion for providing their customers with the best tools at the best price, it is easy to see why they are so successful.  Once you glance over their home page, you can then focus on the area of your house you want to work on and use your list for your storage shopping.  You can find everything you need to organize your closets, under the beds, sinks, kitchens and laundry rooms.  If you need it, they have it!!

Organized Living

Under The Bed Shoe Storage

I have really limited closet space, so for my shoe collection, I needed under the bed shoe storage.  I literally don’t have any room at all for my footwear, so under the bed it goes!  I reviewed several items from Organized Living to help me get my house in order.  The under the bed shoe organizer is perfect for each of us to keep our shoes neat and tucked away.  The large laundry hamper is perfect for the space in our hallway that is in between all the bedrooms.  With the hamper being so close to the kid’s rooms, they have begun putting their dirty clothes in there. Sweet!!  When I am ready to wash my clothes, I asked for the laundry sorter with 4 compartments.  I was so surprised at the size of the sorter.  This thing is HUGE!! I am able to sort out several loads of laundry and it has carrying handles to make it easy to move from the storage area to the laundry room.  If you need anything for your organizational needs, Organized Living is a fantastic place to go.

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