Organizing Tips For New Moms
If you have a new baby, you may be looking for tips for new moms to get organized.  When you have a new baby in the house, even if you have other children, it takes a bit of adjusting to.  Combine that with the activity of the holidays and you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly.  The best thing to do is take a step back, a deep breath and make a plan to get organized.  A well-organized mom is a less harried mom and that is a good thing!  Here are five tips I found that will help a new (or not so new) mom get her life in order:

Organizing Tips For New Moms

    1. Get a Planner:  Ask any mom who is organized and they will tell you they have a planner, either electronic or paper.  I carry both my tablet and my day planner so I can make notes and keep track of my appointments.  If I didn’t have a planner, I would be unable to get through the day without pulling out my hair.
    2. Ask For Help:  You do not need to be a super hero to be a good mom.  Reach out to your network of family and friends to lend a hand.  If you have a group at church or work, put the word out you could use some help with a meal =, dropping off your dry cleaning or watching the baby for an hour while you take a long awaited and much deserved bath!
    3. Keep Ahead: Before you got to bed at night, plan out what you can for the next day.  Being prepared and proactive is better than flying by the seat of your pants!  Keep a notebook and pen next to the bed so that when ideas come to you, the pad is there to jot it down.
    4. Cook Smart: While you are cooking a meal, it is just as easy to cook 1-2 other meals.  With five pounds of ground meat or turkey, you can start a chili in the crock pot, a meat loaf in the oven, and brown the rest and divide it into 2-3 even portions which can be added to tacos or burritos one night, a shepard’s pie and a red sauce with meat.  Now you have a weeks’ worth of meals that can be frozen or refrigerated until you are ready for them.
    5. Carry a Good Bag: Any mom who is organized will have a good looking bag that can function as a diaper bag but look stylish enough to take with you wherever you go.  My favorite diaper bag, is hands down those from 2 Red Hens.  This company lends a vintage look but adds enough of a modern flair to make it look current.  2 Red Hens is the baby of a smart and talented woman by the name of Lori “Mama Hen” Holliday.

Stylish Diaper Bags For Mom

Stylish Diaper Bags For Mom

If you want to find some stylish diaper bags for mom, look no further than 2 Red Hens.  I was given the gorgeous Grey Damask Rooster Diaper Bag ($60.00) with the sassy red polka dot lining.  Celebrities like Tiffani Thiessen and Sarah Michelle Gellar are big fans of 2 Red Hens, so I am in good company!  What I love about the bag, is the unique design as swell as the roomy inside that has a ton of pockets, including one that you can draw closed!  This bag not only looks fantastic, but it is so smart!  Only a mom could design a bag that clever, right?!  Along with the diaper bag, I wanted to mention another very cleverly designed and very popular product called the Toy Nanny.  This is a favorite of Sarah Michelle Gellar and it is clear why.  The Toy Nanny ($70.00) has 8 mesh pockets, a velour interior that when fully opened becomes a play mat for the baby.  The backing is water resistant and can be machine washed.  When play time is over, all you do is pull the straps and it turns into a neat carrying bag.  This is probably one of the most genius products I have seen in quite some time.  You can purchase the Rooster Diaper Bag, Toy Nanny and all the other beautiful products on the 2 Red Hens website.

One winner will receive their choice of one Rooster Diaper Bag ($60.00) or Toy Nanny ($70.00) in their choice of pattern, depending on availability.

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  2. All the diaper bags are soooo cute I can’t decide!!! Um the Pink Lemonade is probably my favorite design.

  3. I like the Peacock Mum Rooster Diaper Bag, the Peacock Mum Shopping Cart Nest, and the Peacock Mum Toy Nanny. 🙂

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  7. These are just the cutest diaper bags I’ve ever seen! My favorite is the Blue Limited Edition Tote Bag. Just precious! Would be perfect for my sister who is due soon! Can’t wait to be an aunt! 🙂

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