What Remote Control Toys For Kids Are Your Favorites

I had two girls before I had Henry, so I was completely unprepared as far as what boys like. My girls were more tomboy than girly girl, but they was more about climbing trees or the monkey bars, rollerskating and playing sports. As Henry has gotten older, I am getting better about figuring out what he thinks is cool and fun and what is dorky and boring. He is a serious gamer, but he loves to be outdoors with Caitlin. As with most kids, they can get bored pretty easily, so I am always on the look out for new toys they would like. He recently announced he wanted to try to master the art of remote control toys (his words, not mine). I know nothing about these things so lucky for me when Alberto from Funky Planet offered to send Henry one of their awesome remote control toys.
Remote Control Toys For Kids

Remote Control Toys For Kids

When I told my husband we were going to be getting a helicopter for Henry, he was more excited than Henry had been! He said he and his cousins used to play with remote control toys for kids when he was Henry’s age. I could not wait to see Chris teach Henry to fly his new toy. We received the Iron Hawk 12″ radio remote control helicopter and it is so cool! We had to wait a few days to fly it because we had some windy and rainy weather.

The helicopter has a gyro on top to help stabilize it, the remote has 3 channels: up/down, rotate left/right, and fly forward/backward and there is a turbo button that makes it zoom! The helicopter can fly for 8-10 minutes per charge and can fly up to 100 feet.

In Flight

Henry and Chris could not wait for the weather to break, so they decided to try it out in the kitchen with the lights out so they could see the lights work! Well, they aren’t very good at indoor flying, but the lights were very cool, I must admit. The helicopter also has a web card where you can fly a virtual helicopter in a 3D simulator game. Funky Planet is a company that wanted to provide consumers with the best remote control toy possible. Although there are a lot of larger companies in the industry, this David is kicking their Goliath butt when it comes to fun, function, quality and affordability! You can purchase the Iron Hawk Helicopter online at Funky Planet for $74.99 as well as a huge variety of RC toys including a Hummer, Mini Cooper, Stunt Buggy and a helicopter with a built in video camera!

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One reader will win one RC Iron Hawk Helicopter ($74.99)


  1. Now every one interested in flying helicopter.My brother also have a 4CH Single Blade Invader MicroRC
    as a beginner.This helicopter is small in size but big in features with twin independent servos and a built in working gyro……….your helicopter also really fantastic and good looking for me and also others.

  2. my favorite product is the stunt buggy we would have a lot of fun with these remote control toys!

  3. I like the Hummer H2 and the Escalade.My neices would go crazy over this.Thank you for the fun giveaway 🙂

  4. My grandchildren would love all of the RC products. Thanks for all of your giveaways. I have been reading all of your advice on monetizing your blog also. Thanks!

  5. 1:14 Mercedes-Benz SLK 350. this is the closest I’ll ever get to those gull wings!

    ky2here at msn dot com

  6. I like the 12-Inch helicopter! It’s funny but my hubby would have the most fun playing with this! 😀

  7. I like the MyWebRC – Eye Copter- it looks beautiful and I think my boys would love it.

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  8. My favorite product is the remote control helicopter with camera and video camera in it. Eye copter.

  9. I am torn between the helicopter with the camera or the one with the missles. But I think I would chose the camera! That is SO COOL!!!! I cannot tell my husband or we would HAVE IT! LOL

  10. MyWebRC – Iron Eagle Helicopter Double Pack
    My hubby and son could play at the same time! LOL

  11. My daughter would LOVE this RC Iron Hawk Helicopter! Her grandpa builds airplanes so she love airplanes and helicopters!!

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