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Our Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz BATMAN™ Party


Jakobi was turning 5, and this was the first time he had a classfull of kids to invite to his party. He was very excited about his friends coming over. Mason, his younger brother, and he must have organized the boxes of Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz BATMAN™ toys like fifteen times in anticipation on the guests coming. We had all kinds of activities planned provided by Mommy Parties and we couldn’t wait to get started!

Jakobi was sick the week before, so we had to postpone his party a week. Burke, one of his classmates and his Daddy were very glad that we were able to reschedule. “Batman is one of his favorites”, Burke told me. The boys gathered around the box checking it out, but I said they had to wait for everyone to come. “We are just looking,” Jakobi informed me matter-of-factly.

Since it was Jakobi’s birthday, Daddy gave in and started to help Jakobi first. You can see him above struggling to get one of the wheels on. “Silly Daddy – that was a front wheel not a back wheel, and you turn it around like this.” said Jakobi. Pretty soon Jakobi grabbed the package from Daddy to show him how it worked. The Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz BATMAN™ are customizable cars where you can pick what you want the wheels, engine, wings and more to look like. this way all the cars are different customized to the child’s tastes. Cool huh?

The boys really had a blast, and the adults too. There were boys, batman cars and tons of fun all over the livingroom. Then more guests came and we moved into the family room as well!

Aiden was enthralled with the car and opted for the wings and the Batman emblem.

Burke thought it was pretty cool that you could have the chassis in race, lifted or jacked up mode. He went for the glider wings as an option and the souped up motor.

Grandma kept trying to help all the boys so we finally gave her the one box that was leftover. She ended up making her own customized Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz BATMAN™ toy too! She ended up giving hers to a cousin since he wasn’t quite old enough to participate. That sure was nice of her (we know she just wanted an excuse to play!)


Mason had a fun time just playing with the left over pieces. We opted to keep them in a plastic baggie just in case Jakobi wanted to change around his car later on.


Jakobi was pretty impressed with the way he put his Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz BATMAN™, and he sure was proud to show his Daddy. If you look closely at all of the cars, you will see the differences that each of the kids chose. The kits the kids are playing with are the XTREME CUSTOMZ Swap Sets. They are full of twice as much building and customizing fun over the regular kits! Each set contains two RIDE bodies and two 4-mode adjustable chassis’ plus our most popular accessories for the ultimate customizing experience. Thanks Mommy Parties for providing this awesome fifth birthday party fun!

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