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Outdoor Fun For Kids From Little Kids Sweepstakes

Outdoor Fun For Kids

Now that school is out and summer is here, it is time to find outdoor fun for kids.  My kids are terrible when it comes to throwing around the kid’s creed in the summer; MOM!! I’M BORED!!  Yikes if I don’t hear that about 100 times a day!  Have you had this conversation with your kids”:  Kids: “Mom, We are bored. There is nothing to do!” Me: “Guys, you have a bike, scooter, skateboard, basket and soccer balls not to mention all your video equipment, or how about a good book?” Kids: Yeah!  Like we said, there is nothing to do!”  In their defense, until recently, we had no kids on our street they could play with, and they were getting tired of each other.  Thankfully, a great family with 4 kids moved in next door and has rescued me from the task of constantly entertaining my children.  The kids are on the younger side; 6, 4, 2 and 9 months (I know, right!?!?!), so my kids have taken on the big brother/sister roles, which I love to see.

To my rescue recently was a fantastic company I bet you would recognize from the products they sell, if not by their name.  Little Kids, Inc. is a wonderful company who distributes all kinds of bubble products for you little ones.  You can find Little Kids, Inc. products in many of your favorite retailers like Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Amazon.  They also sell character items from Dora to SpongeBob to Blue’s Clues as well as plastic bats and balls, popsicle makers and many more great items.  If you need some suggestions on what to put in your summer fun arsenal, Little Kids, Inc. should be one of your go to places to buy from.  The company has been making kids happy since 1989, so I feel confident they know what they are doing!!  Based in Providence, RI, this company has won several awards and has become one of the leaders in the toy industry.  Little Kids, Inc. has received awards from the prestigious Toy Industry Association, are innovators in design and their quality and customer service are top notch.

Bubbles For Kids

Are your kids like mine; a little older but still enjoy playing with bubbles for kids?  From the precious hand clapping of a toddler who sees bubbles for the first time, to my 13 year old blowing bubbles to the delight of the little ones next door, bubbles are a part of everyone’s life in some way.  My family was given the popular No-Spill Bubble Bucket with the chunky bubble blowers and large capacity for bubbles.  My kids still love bubbles and were so excited to review the No Spill Bubble Bucket, which we have purchased many times before.  When the kids next door saw my kids blowing bubbles, the 2 year old toddled over and put his hands out and said “bubbles”!  PRECIOUS!  I love the chunky bubble wands which are perfect for small hands but work for your older kids as well.  I love that each wand has two different blowers so your kids get a lot of variety and with the large size of the bucket makes the need for refills less often than with much smaller bubble kits.  Little Kids, Inc. is a favorite and trusted company that my family loves ad will continue to love for many years to come.  Heck, if truth be told, I blew some bubbles a few days ago myself!!

One reader will receive a No Spill Bubble Bucket from Little Kids, Inc. ($12.99)

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  1. I like the squeeze and blow sponge bob bubbles my son would love that, we one some that have dinos on them=]

  2. I have not personally tried any of the product but now that i have head of them alot of their products look great for my kids. We are always spilling bubbles so no mess bubbles sounds great! The games also look fun too

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