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Outdoor Shoes That Are Stylish From Teva Shoes Sweepstakes

Outdoor Shoes That Are Stylish

If you are an active person, you may have looked for outdoor shoes that are stylish.  If this is true, you have probably found what I did…not much out there!  When you are shopping for shoes you need to find a brand that not only looks good, but it is comfortable and well-constructed.  That is a pretty tall order!  You are most likely to find a good looking shoe that will fall apart fairly quickly or an ugly shoe that is indestructible!  There needs to be a happy medium here somewhere, right?!  After much searching, I finally found a shoe that covers all the points of my needs.  It turns out the shoe I found is like an old friend.  They have been around for a long time and they are as comfortable and well-built as any shoe you can buy.

Teva has been the outdoor go to shoe for about 30 years now.  Teva (which is actually pronounced “The-vah”) is the creation of a geophysicist by the name of Mark Thatcher.  Mark was working as a rafting guide in 1982 when he saw a huge need for sturdy shoes that would hold up in water.  By adding an ankle strap, Mark came up with the first outdoor sport sandal.  After surviving a legal battle over the ownership of the Teva name (which means “Nature” in Hebrew), Mark went to Deckers Corporation and they set up an exclusive licensing agreement.  Although all right were taken over by Decker in 2002, Mark and his father and sister still work in a management and consulting capacity.  To see more from Teva, how about liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Sneakers That Last

With a husband and children who are very active and outdoor oriented, they need sneakers that last.  I believe most sneakers are actually made to look better than they are made to be durable.  It seems you have two classes of sneakers; reasonably priced that fall apart soon or hugely expensive that is made for sports and high performance.  Teva is the one leader in the shoe industry that can offer you both.  When I say both, I don’t mean one or the other.  I mean both.  I was more than excited to have the opportunity to review a pair of their shoes.  I wore Teva’s in the early 1990’s but had not bought any for several years.  I honestly thought they only made sandals!  With my husband in need of sneakers, the Fuse-ion ($90.00) was suggested.  The Fuse-ion is kind of like a water sneaker.  They look and feel like sneakers but are made for the water, so they will hold up in either environment (land or water).  I was really surprised by how awesome the Fuse-ion looked as well as how great they feel.  My husband has already tries to beat these shoes up but they have thwarted his efforts well!!  With the Fuse-ion available for men as well as women, I cannot wait to try out a pair for myself!

One reader will win a pair of the Teva Fuse-ion ($90.00) in men or women’s and in their choice of color (depending on availability)

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  1. wow i’ve been wanting a pair of shoes that would be good for the outdoors, like hiking at Starved Rock in IL that includes coming in contact with streams and waterfalls along with up and down trails- or even something less adventurous. This company has some really great offerings for this! i don’t know about a favorite, but the pasas mary jane caught my eye!

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