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Four Hot Outdoor Toys For Tweens This Christmas

For many families, they have made the transition from the lazy days of summer to the more hectic schedules of the fall. Our days in the summer are filled with trips to see my daughter, long days at the local pool and late nights of television and family time. When the fall hits, our schedule gets jam packed almost as quickly as school began. Caitlin has orchestra, robotics and scholars bowl, Latin club and lots and lots of homework. For Henry, our homeschool schedule is much more laid back, so he is not feeling the pressure of school as much as Caitlin.

Or at least we thought, but we were wrong. Henry is struggling with math and he is a perfectionist, so he is taking it really hard. With his autism, he tends to get frustrated more quickly than most kids at his age. To help with this, we find creative ways for him to blow off steam. One of the biggest ways we do that is with outdoor play, Luckily, we live in the South and it stays warm enough for him to enjoy the great outdoors. I have made a list of some favorite toys for older boys this Christmas that he may enjoy:

4 Hot Toys For Older Kids

  1. Ball and Glove: Even at 13, one of Henry’s favorite things to do is play catch with his Dad. I was surprised to see he had outgrown his old glove and ws in need of a new one. Does your child have a glove that is outdated as well?
  2. Tire Swing: Nothing says fun like an old fashioned tire swing! Let the kids take turns spinning each other around. They will have fun and get a good work out at the same time!
  3. Soccer Ball and Net: We do not have an area we can kick a ball without hitting a neighbor. A soccer net is a great way to keep the ball contained while the kids get a great bit of exercise kicking and retrieving their ball.
  4. Electric Scooter: Henry is big into scooters, has been every since he was old enough to ride one. We had no idea you could have any more fun riding a scooter until he rode on his Razor E100 Glow electric scooter. He has had the time of his life, and your kids will too!

Over the years, Henry has become a bit of an aficionado of scooters. We have gone through a hand full of them as he grew bigger or unfortunately, a few fell apart from over usage! I hate to put down a chunk of change into a toy for my kids only to have it fall apart in a few months. I love how well made the Razor products are, how much enjoyment my kids get out of them and how affordable they are. Over the summer, we received the PowerRider 360 electric scooter from Razor, and boy does Henry love that thing! You can read all about it in my review, “Five Fun Summer Activities For Older Kids.”

I honestly did not think Razor could top the PowerRider 360, but they totally did with the Razor E100 Glow electric scooter. This scooter is perfect for the older boy as it can handle up to 120 pounds, goes up to 10 MPH and can go for 40 minutes without the needs of a charge. The soft rubber grips make handling the E100 nice and comfortable for the kids. The base of the scooter lights up with a bright blue light whenever you turn the throttle. We took the E100 to the park and it was just before dusk and the glow was just gnarly! A few kids were nearby and they kept coming closer and closer, trying to get a better look! The E100 has a retractable kick stand and comes with a battery charger. If you have a child who is 8 and up, you really should consider this scooter from Razor. You can pick one up at Target, Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy and Toys R Us, just to name a few, for just $150. Be sure to stay current with all the latest from Razor by following them on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. One USA reader will win a Razor E100  ARV $150. (based on availability. Razor has the right to substitute if the E100 is not in stock)

Do you have your eye on any outdoor toys for tweens for the holiday?


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