Napping is as important for the child as it is for the parent as you both need time each day to recharge your batteries. It is a time your child needs to rest his body as well as his mind and it gives you the time to get some work done or rest yourself. If you have ever had a toddler in your home, you know how cranky they can get if they have not had their day time nap. I know some moms who can get pretty cranky as well if their toddler does not get that much needed sleep. If you have ever heard that growth happens while kids sleep, that is true in a round about way. Growing takes lots of energy and calories, and if your child is not rested properly and have adequate calories, they can have health issues. Most toddlers tend to take their naps in the afternoon, but this varies from child to child. Take cues from your child when they are getting fussy, staring off into space and giving you other cues they are ready to lay down. If your child attends a day care facility, check with them on when the naps are scheduled so you can have the same schedule at home. It is also suggested you make nap time inviting for your child as they are more likely to lay down and rest if it is a pleasurable experience. One way that is working all over the world are the cute and cuddly nap mats from Jim Henson’s Pajanimals.


Pajanimals Will Make Nap Time Fun

If you have tried to get a little one to settle down for a nap, it may have been tricky. Sometimes it can take a lot of convincing and cajoling before you can get your child to actually lay down and make an attempt at resting. Many parents and caregivers do not realize that although sleeping at nap time is optimal, resting will work well too. When your busy bee is snuggled up and their body is at rest, they are able to refresh their bodies almost, if not quite as well as if they were to sleep.

Mason was sent the adorable 15″ plush Squacky who fits Mason’s high energy and cute personality to a “T”. This blue and yellow friend along with the multi colored Snuggle Up Story Mat and very soft and comfy mat was just what Mason needed to make nap time fun. As you can see, Mason is loving on his Squacky and it did not take long before he was fast asleep with his new buddy. You can purchase one of four Pajanimal characters. The 15″ Pajanimal plush online at Amazon as well as fine retailers nationwide for $19.99 or you can choose the 9″ plush for $10.99. The Snuggle Up Story Mat retails for $29.99.


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  2. I like Cowbella and the Snuggle Up Story Mat. My kids are always dragging their blankets out to make sleep mats on the living room floor. They would love this!

  3. I love the snugggle mat – my son needs to take a blanket to school for nap time – this would be great for him.

  4. The stuffed animals are nice, but I like the Snuggle Up Story Mat best because there is a book to read and use as a pillow.

  5. I love the Story Mat. It looks like the best way to settle down for a quick nap in the afternoon or for stories before bed

  6. I just love the Snuggle Up Story Mat and all of the plushes. My granddaughter is only 16 months old but the Pajanimals are her favorite and have been for months!

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