Pancake Planets Recipe

Pancake Planets Recipe

This recipe is the brain child of the kids eating too many donut holes from Dunkin Donuts (which just moved in next door) & the fact that the batter always spills over making cake balls look more like planets (Saturn is still a planet right?) Spring break is right around the corner, and your kids will be home. This is a fun and easy way to have the kids spend some time with you in the kitchen helping you to create Pancake Planets.


  • Pancake mix – any kind will do. I use muffin mix a lot.
  • Sprinkles – My kids love them. In everything they go. so, we will call them planet minerals.
  • Raisins or chocolate chips – These will go in the center to make the molten lava at a planets core (this is a fake cooking planet obviously)
  • Spray or brush oil for the cake pop maker.


  • Spoon to mix & pour/scoop batter to cake pop maker
  • Spoon to pop the pancake planets out of the cake pop maker
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cake pop maker


Mixing the batter
Mix pancake batter and add the sprinkles.

Sparay the cake pop maker with oil after it has heated. After the batter has been mixed according to the directions on the package, scoop the batter with a spoon adding to the cake pop maker. Make sure to keep the batter level with the maker or you will have sheets instead of Planet rings. Then place one or two raisins of chocolate chips in the center of each pancake ball. They will sink to the middle while cooking. After the light goes off (about 2 minutes) pop them out with a large spoon to cool. Once cooled – enjoy!
Cake Pop Pancakes


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