Paracord Rescue Bracelet

Paracord Rescue Bracelet

Have you ever heard of paracord rescue bracelets or bands?  If you have, then I guess this information will be nothing new, but if not, you are in for a treat!  I love to learn and if it is something cool; even better!  Rescue bracelets or bands are made from paracord, which is a pretty cool thing unto itself.  Paracord is 550 Parachute Cord was originally made in WWII as suspension lines of US parachutes.  The paracord is super lightweight nylon rope and its strength is all in the title; 550, as in pounds!  The smooth interwoven nylon is braided together and becomes virtually indestructible.  It was even used by astronauts on the Space Shuttle Discovery!!  How awesome is that!  If it is good enough for NASA, I am pretty sure it is good enough for me and you, right?

Rescue Bands is a really cool company that manufactures and sells a ton of products made from paracord.  Initially, Rescue Bands only product was the rescue or survival bracelet and was worn typically by men.  The key is in the illusion of the bracelet being just a bracelet when it is so much more than that!  When unraveled, the rescue band becomes a 20 foot cord that can hold up to 550 pounds!  If you unravel the 7 inner stands, you get 10 feet that can hold up to 50 pounds.  When you tie these together, you get 70 feet of cord.  This bracelet can be used for many things and the Rescue Bands line had expanded to include several other handy items!  You can also find key chains, necklaces, luggage tags and even dog collars!!  To make the Rescue Bands an even cooler company that I already through they were is their commitment to make all their bands in the USA and their charitable work.  I am proud to add Rescue Bands into my Companies Who Do Good Things Hall Of Fame.  A portion of each Rescue Bands sale goes to the list of charities you can find on their website. While you are there, why not like them on Facebook?  You would be a whole lot cooler if you did!

Emergency Key Chain

With my daughter driving 3 hours one way to see me, I wanted to find her an emergency key chain.  I wanted her to have something that she could use if she was ever stranded on her trip up or back down.  The Rescue Bands products are used by police officers, rescue workers and military personnel, so I thought they may have something I could find for Chelsea.  I was given the EDC (Every Day Carry) Key Chain Lite ($39.99) as well as the EDC Key Chain Axis ($39.99).  Each key chain has a variety of useful tools that are handy if you ever need them.  The Axis comes with the paracord as well as a waterproof lighter, a mini crow bar and a sturdy utility clip.  The Lite comes with the paracord, a glo light as well as a flat and Phillips head screwdriver.  These are really cool and there are so many uses for them.  You can even tow a car with the paracord!  Can you even believe that?  Well, it is true!!  I was more than happy to give one to Chelsea and one to her boyfriend, who travels a lot for his work.  These Rescue Bands Key Chains would make such a useful gift and if the recipient never needs it, at least they look cool!!

One reader will win their choice of one Rescue Bands Key Chain Lite or Axis, each valued at $39.00

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