Party At The Knoxville Laser Quest On Your Birthday

Have any of you had multiple babies of one sex and then found you were expecting a later child of the opposite sex? I had a baby girl when I was 25, and although I had no idea how to take care of a baby, I was thrilled. When I had Caitlin 11 years later, I was excited as I felt I had this parenting thing down. When I got the results of my amniocentesis 3 years later and it said I was a “male carrier (my sister said, “A postal worker?!”), I was in complete shock. A boy? What in the world was I to do with a stinky, smelly and all around gross boy? Well, when those big brown eyes first looked into mine, I fell in love and I had a new man in my life. I figured out how to raise a boy, but there are times that I am still stumped and need a little guidance. When it came Henry’s 12th birthday, I racked my brains for something that boys would really like. A friend suggested we play laser tag at Laser Quest in Knoxville. And so began one of the most memorable nights of my sweet boys young life.

On Your Birthday

On Your Birthday

When we first told Henry where we were going for his birthday, I believe I lost the hearing in my right ear. He screamed so loudly I believe the windows shook and the neighbors wondered if we were beating the poor boy! He had never been to Laser Quest, nor played laser tag, so he was over the moon with excitement. When we first walked into the facility, we were overwhelmed at all the games, machines and people in the lobby area. This place was jumping and I finally figured out where al the kids in Knoxville go on a Friday night. There were kids playing air hockey, racing cars, trying their luck at the claw machine and many other games. The two party rooms were full of activity and there was a throng of people whose color was called and were waiting to suit up. I have not seen this much hub bub since last Christmas when the kids were opening presents faster than anything I have ever seen!

Knoxville Laser Quest

The way it works is you pay for the number of games you want (1,2 or 3) and you are given color coded tickets. You are also asked for your “player” name (Henry was “HoneyBader” and Caitlin was “Eclipse”). Each time has a particular color and when it is time for the group that is at say 7:30, the “yellow” tickets are called. You are taken into the briefing room and the extremely friendly host will tell you all the rules and how to play the game. The kids loved this part because we were in a glow in the dark room with a black light, so if you were wearing white, you were a standout! Next you are taken into the equipment room where you get your gear on and ready yourself to play the game. There are several places on the gear (shoulders, chest and back) that will light up when you are hit with another person’s laser. You will lose power for a short time before you can get back into the game. You get about 20 minutes to play and let me tell you, it is a workout! I stuck with Anna and we did a lot of hiding behind walls trying not to get hit! We had such a blast chasing everyone around and we all ganged up on my husband at one point! Once the game ends, you hand your gear back up and wait for your stats to be printed. Henry had 264 hits, Caitlin has 209 and I had 184. I think we did pretty well considering it was out first time.

Cake Time!

Our room was all set up for us when our game was over, so we headed straight in for the food and cake. We completely forgot the ice and the sweet girls behind the counter went in the back and found us a bag of ice. I cannot say enough great things about the entire staff that took care of us during our visit. We all enjoyed our pizza, soda and cupcakes and the kids could not wait to get out and play some of the games. Caitlin and Alex had a terrific air hockey fight, which I took Caitlin’s place for a round so kick his butt!


We had the best time at the Laser Quest in Knoxville for Henry’s birthday! The kids loved playing laser tag as well as playing the games and each kids ended up winning a Smurf from the claw machine, which we could not get over! I felt the facility was really nice and clean, well taken care of and had a staff with such great attitudes that you do not always find these days. The kids cannot wait to go back, and because Henry got a free ticket, we will be doing so sooner rather than later! Thank you Knoxville Laser Quest!

Knoxville Laser Quest Bday

Knoxville Laser Quest
8083 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919
(865) 769-0896

Wednesday – 6 pm to 9 pm
Thursday – 6 pm to 9 pm
Friday – 4 pm to 11 pm
Saturday – 10am to 11pm
Sunday – 1 pm to 7 pm

Regular Game – $8.00
Member Game – $6.00
Membership – $10.00
Ironman Game – $11.00
Member Ironman Game – $10.00
Birthday Party: Per Person
(minimum 8 players) – $15.00 per person
Birthday Party & Youth Group Information
$12.00 per person (Wednesday and Thursday evenings)
Group Package Information
Call (865) 769-0896 to make a reservation today!


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