Cascade Ice Mixers

Sigh losing weight…that is all I think about these days. I am 40 now and I want to look as good as I can! BUT, I still want to be able to party like a rockstar! What mom doesn’t want to relax after a long day with a drink?! However they have so many dang calories in the mixers! With the 6 flavors of cocktail mixers, you can create delicious adult beverages that are lower in calorie like a crisp Apple Tini or a smooth Pina Colada. I love that I can keep a few bottles in the fridge so I can grab a cold one when I am thirsty and with no sugar added, the boys can enjoy them as well. The cocktail waters are perfect additions to our outdoor tiki bar and it makes bartending a no brainer! This is such a delicious line of healthy waters that I do not mind drinking my daily allotment at all! Yup! You can even get your water intake with the rest of the cascade line!

As the weather gets warmer and you spend more time in the heat, your body gets thirsty.  This is because as we go through our day, we lose about 2.4 liters of water per day that needs to be replaced. Many people who are not regular water drinkers probably do not think about it too much until they think about dieting. Then they are told to drink something that has not been in their diet and plenty of it! We all hear that drinking water is important, but do we know why? Here are 5 reasons why we need to drink water, and if you are not a water drinker, maybe this will inspire you to add it into your diet.

    1. Protect Your Nervous System: Your brain is made up of 70% water, which protects it as well as your spinal cord and nervous system.
    2. Protect Your Joints: Your joints are surrounded by liquid and to make them move freely enough, you need to drink water.
    3. Get Rid Of Waste and Toxins: You eliminate bad stuff in your body through elimination. Without water, your body has trouble moving the waste out and it will back up into your system.
    4. Protect Your Skin: If you want to have skin that is smooth and supple rather than dried up and wrinkled, drink water.

How To Get In Your Daily Water Intake

How To Get In Your Daily Water Intake

So the big question is how to get in your daily water intake and not hate it. The choice that makes the most sense is to drink water that is flavored. Cascade Ice Water is a company that completely understands how boring plain water can be. In order to encourage people to drink water, Cascade Ice Water developed a line of deliciously flavored waters that people would want to drink. There are 3 categories in the Cascade Ice Water line: Sparkling cocktail mixers, Zero calorie organic sparkling water, and Zero calorie sparkling water. There is a versatility to their waters that you do not see with other brands.  The 5 Organic waters include such delicious flavors like Mixed Berry or Citrus Twist. If you prefer, the Zero calorie line features 21 exotic and richly flavored waters like Pineapple Blueberry Banana or Blueberry Watermelon.

I love the fruity flavors and how light and refreshing they are. I can get a bit bored with plain water and with 31 flavors to choose from, I am not bored anymore! The waters have no sugar added or sodium or gluten and you can find them at stores like Kroger and Walmart for about $1 per bottle.


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