Holiday Party Planning Tips

If there is one thing that can send even the most seasoned hostess over the edge, it is planning a holiday party. This is the time of year when everything is amped up from the guest list to the party decor. When you entertain in your home, your office or other venue, the longer the to do list the shorter your patience level can get. What ends up happening in a large percentage of time is the party planner, which is you, gets very little enjoyment from her efforts. This does not need to be the case if you follow these holiday party planning tips.

4 Steps To A Stress Free Holiday Party

4 Steps To A Stress Free Party

  1. Plan Ahead: The more you can plan for your party, the fewer surprises are likely to appear. From the guest list to the shopping list, make yours as detailed as possible and delegate where ever you can. If possible, so as many tasks ahead of time as possible, including cooking. Order plenty of snacks, water, coffee, drink mixers and finger food.
  2. Simplify: You do not need to invite everyone you know and all the people they know. It is fine to invite the boss, but you do not need to invite his nephew, his postal carrier and his dry cleaner! Whenever possible, rent or try a “party in a box” if you can find it. One very cool idea is Sparkle and Dine, which is a table styling kit in a box. What a genius idea to offer your guests a gorgeous table without all the stress on you.
  3. Keep It Casual: Instead of scrambling to find seating for a huge group, set up areas your guests can stand or sit in more intimate areas. Do not be afraid to throw some large floor cushions down or open the patio and put out a few outdoor heaters if need be.
  4. Add Music: No one wants to hear the drone of people talking during the whole party. Play music at an acceptable level so guests can talk without yelling but can enjoy the background sounds.

sparkle and dine

The idea for Sparkle and Dine came from a need to help a friend of creator Stacia Marlow who was in need. The friend, Sandra, a single mom and business owner, needed to plan a Thanksgiving dinner for 24 people and she just did not have the time. So Stacia, who has a love and talent for hosting parties and cooking, jumped in to helo her friend. She sent her links to vases, table runners, napkins, dishes, recipes, smoked turkey, ham, pies and ready to bake dough. When the successful dinner was over, Sandra mentioned to Stacia she wished she could have just ordered all of the table decorations in one box and Sparkle and Dine was born! With Sparkle and Dine, you get to throw a stress free party you and your guests are sure to remember. Stacia founded a premier table design and home decor company that is delivered right to your door.

You can choose from luxurious linens, decorative embellishments, place cards, and centerpieces. You can choose from a number of themes including a hip Kate Spade-inspired stripes and polka dots to a traditional Thanksgiving kit to a cool Snow Queen kit. What is simply the most clever part of the whole idea behind Sparkle and Dine is the kits are interchangeable! You can also “Build Your Own Kit” if you want to add little extras like votive candles or snowflakes, or who want to mix and match among the various styling kit themes. The all-encompassing party kits begin at around $100 or the A la carte items are available starting at $4.00-$59.00.

I have The Feather Frenzy Table Styling Kit, which includes:

  • Natural Burlap Table Runner with fringed edges 20″ x 70″
  • Natural Birch Vase – 6″
  • (1) Pheasant Feather and Ostrich pick for Centerpiece
  • (2) Mercury Glass Acorns – 4″
  • (2) Green Petite Bouteille
  • (2) Feather Flowers
  • (2) Pheasant Feathers
  • (2) Peacock Feathers
  • (2) Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holders
  • (4) White Napkin with Jute Trim – 20″ x 20″
  • (4) Braided Jute Napkin Ring
  • (8) Pheasant Feathers
  • (4) Copper Charger Plate – 13″
  • (4) White Place Cards

This kit has a beginning retail cost of $160. Be sure to stay connected with Sparkle and Dine and follow them on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.