Teak Patio Furniture

Teak Patio Furniture

When I started to price out teak patio furniture, I was amazed at the range of prices!  Some stuff was fairly reasonable, other items thousands of dollars.  One company that caught my eye right away was Teak Closeouts.  Teak Closeouts offers a wide variety of teak furniture including benches, arm chairs, folding chairs, tables, steamers and loungers, all at reasonable prices!  I was sent a beautiful teak bench from Teak Closeouts to review.  When the 48” Boma Bench arrived, I was extremely impressed at how it was packaged.  I wasn’t sure how a large piece of teak furniture was going to shipped and my husband and I had never seen anything like it!  The bench was wrapped in plastic and then the rest of the box was filled with expandable foam, almost like what you see in walls as insulation!  It was wild but held the bench perfectly in place in the box and was in perfect condition!

Teak Boma Bench

It is amazing what a difference the Teak Boma Bench has made to the appearance of our new front porch.  We live down in sunny Southwest Florida where the weather in the winter is just about perfect.  Warm sunny days and mild nights are the norm, while the rest of the country seems to deal with feet and feet of snow.  This year was no different so we decided this was the year to redo our front porch.  There used to be a fairly large rocky area with plants to the right of our front door that used to be quite an eyesore.  We decided to rip up all the rocks and lay beautiful pavers down.  Once the project was done, the front porch area looked amazing but very empty without any furniture or decoration there.  I knew that I wanted a piece of teak furniture out front and there began my search for the perfect bench!

Teak Outdoor Bench

The Boma teak outdoor bench that we received needed some simple assembly which took just a couple screws and a few minutes of our time and it was ready to use!  It is the perfect addition to the seating area for our front porch and for only $195, it’s a steal!  The Boma Bench is 48” long and seats my husband and I perfectly, as well as our two kids that always end up on it too!  The design of the bench is simple and fits easily into our traditional décor!  The Boma Bench has very straight lines and would work well with many different decorating styles and landscaping.  There was helpful information included in the package regarding staining and caring for teak.  I was apprehensive about getting teak because I thought it would be a lot of work to maintain.  Luckily, it is quiet the opposite!  Teak is so popular because of its strength and weather resistance, which is perfect down here in Florida where the weather is either is usually hot and muggy!  The Boma teak bench can be left outside with no need to cover.  It is not necessary to oil the teak as it will not extend the life of your furniture, just change the look of it.

I had a great overall experience working with Teak Closeouts and will definitely be recommending my friends to their website!  The prices are reasonable and the selection is second to none!  I will definitely be visiting Teak Closeouts for all my future outdoor teak furniture needs!

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