pediaI have just received the Science Scent Blanket and I am already in love with this product because it has made a difference in the way my son sleeps. The blanket was very soft and had a cute little bear that is holding a meshed heart balloon that holds the scent swatch in place. I took out the heart shaped scent swatch, and dabbed a little of my favorite body mist onto the scent swatch, because it is a proven fact that babies sleep better when there are familiar scents around them, and then placed it back in the mesh pocket it goes in. He slept for about two hours with the blanket. I love this blanket because I didn’t have to rock him to sleep like I normally do. I just had to give him the blanket and he fell asleep on his own. I just gave him the blanket with my body mist on it and he fell asleep with no problems. This blanket would be great for mothers on the go because this blanket will help your baby get to sleep when you can’t, or mothers who have a lot on their plates and need a little help getting their babies to sleep. This product worked very well for my little man! I am going to use this blanket at nap time, and at bed time from now on. My son loves this blanket as well. He loves it because it smells like me, and it’s also soft, and it keeps him warm when he needs it. With the blanket it’s also easy to wash. Just remove the scent swatch from the mesh, and wash the blanket as you would any of your otherbaby blankets. It’s just that simple!
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