After being cooped up this winter, many young couples will emerge engaged. Spring is a joyous time of year, and is my anniversary as well! Part of getting married is the union of two becoming one. However, you would not want to completely lose the identity of who you used to be. A marriage should highlight and enhance the differences. “Be Yourself, Together”  is a great motto.

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What do you do for a wedding gift to help celebrate this theme? My husband and I are a perfect example. I am a coffee drinker and he loves tea. The perfect gift for us would have been a Keurig with a sampling of assorted teas and coffees. We both would have loved we could select what we want and use one machine to do it. Don’;t you think a nice cold cup of brew-over-ice tea or a steaming hot cup of coffee says I love you just the way you are?
I was provided with a Target gift card to go shopping for the perfect wedding gift, so I used my marriage as the example. It was fairly easy for me to find where the Keurig section was, and the selection was awesome.

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The K-cup selection was amazing as well! Not only could you get coffee and tea, but you could get cider, lemonade, and even hot chocolate. With the assortment of K-cups both the bride and the groom could be celebrated as individuals! You can find a variety of items at Target to create a perfect gift pairing!