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Permanent Stick On Fabric Patches From Grab A Scab Sweepstakes

Permanent Stick On Fabric Patches

Have you heard of permanent stick on fabric patches?  I had not heard of them until recently.  I have always used the boring rectangular iron on patches when the kids have worn a hole in a pair of pants.  I have tried the more decorative patches you can find at the craft store, but they didn’t stick very well, so I ended up sewing them on.  If you are going to sew the patch on, there isn’t much need for the iron on version is there? I had two girls before I had my son, so I was not accustomed to the rough and tumble ways of boys.  My girls were tomboys to an extent, but I never had an issue with them wearing a hole into any piece of their clothing.  Henry on the other hand, needed a patch on just about every pair of pants he has worn!!  I wish I had a dollar for every pair of pants with a hole in the knee because I would have some college money put away!!

Andrea Winarski started Grab A Scab in the summer of 2010.  With an enthusiastic group of buyers, Andrea tweaked her designs and had a unique and practical business.  Like me, Andrea had not one but two boys at home who were constantly ripping their pants in the knees.  In trying to find a better solution to repairing or covering the holes, Andrea came up with a really cute alternative to the conventional patches we are used to.  Not only are the Grab A Scab’s cute but they are very durable, which is imperative in this case.  Moms love Grab A Scabs because they really work and kids love them because they are really cool.  What a great combination that has been the magical solution needed to make Grab A Scab a strong contender in the industry.  Grab A Scab was recently sold to the JDNA company who is now distributing Grab A Scab’s all over the country. Although Andrea did sell the company, she is still an active participant in the Grab A Scab area of JDNA.

What a caregiver, parent, grandparent or other adult who has active kids in their life, need clothing patches that work.  When I heard about Grab A Scab, I will tell you I was highly skeptical.  I have had such a terrible experience with different patches that I didn’t give the Grab A Scab patches much of a chance.  When the package arrived and I took out the collection of Scabs (TOTAL ARV $37.50), I was convinced they were not going to work.  I mean, these things are colorful and lightweight. How in the world can these things stand up to the test of Henry?  Well, color me WRONG!!  I took a pair of Henry’s pants and he chose the American Flag Scab ($4.50).  All I did was peel the backing from the Scab, position the patch over the hole and press down.  I can tell you these things are sticky little suckers!!  I tried to peel them off to prove Andrea and her customers wrong and the only wrong person in that instance was me!!  These things are AMAZING!!!  You can find dozens of sizes, shapes and adorable and cool characters.  Caitlin took the Earth Peace Sign ($3.50) and the LOL ($3.50) and stuck them on her school backpack.  Not only do they look adorable and they are stuck on there good!!  If you have an active kid in your life, the Grab A Scab is a must have for you!

One reader will win a $25 store credit for Grab A Scab

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