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Personalize Your Gaming System

Personalize Your Gaming System

Did you know you could personalize your gaming system?  I did not know that!  I knew about covers and skins for phones and laptops, but I did not know you could do the same for your gaming system.   I have two kids and they both have various gaming systems in their rooms.  To keep things straight, I want to somehow make them distinct from one another.   I have heard 100 times a day, “Hey, that’s my PlayStation, go play on your own!”  How in the world do they know that?  They both look alike to me!  So, in order to bring order into my home, I decided to investigate what I could do to remedy the situation.

Skinit is the coolest online store for all your skin needs. (It sounds like you can get new skin for your body doesn’t it?  I will take fewer wrinkles please!).  Skinit is the leader in the market for personalizing your electronic devices.  Based in San Diego, Skinit currently provides skins for major companies in the medical, retail wireless and consumer electronic fields.  Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or the guy down the street, Skinit can fill your needs. You can choose from thousands of designs and if you still can’t find something you like, you can create your own skin!  You can choose from your favorite team logo, your favorite television show logo or a picture of your puppy!

Design Your Own Skins

Design Your Own Skins

I love that you can design your own skins at Skinit.  I thought it would be cool if the kids let me create a skin with their picture on it so there was no argument as to who had what!  Well, they didn’t like that idea, so I let them choose from the gazillions of images on the Skinit website.  We have one Xbox and we keep it in the family room, so I told the kids they had to agree on a design.  It took a while, but they decided on the Muppets.  They LOVE the Muppets and have seen the movies and they thought this would be awesome.  The Skinit decal came very quickly and it is really cool.  Each part of the Xbox has a peel and stick skin.  For instance, there is one for the back, one for the front and one for each door flap.  It is really neat how they do all that.  The kids really love their Skinit design and we are currently in negotiations for new skins for their PlayStations!

One reader will win a gift code for one large skin (laptop, game system, etc.,) from Skinit.

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