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Personalized Baby Blankets Make The Perfect Gift

When you are expecting a baby, it is such an exciting time.  I had my first baby at 25 and my 2nd at 36 and I was as excited about the 2nd baby as I was about the baby born 11 years before.  I was lucky to have healthy pregnancies and I enjoyed every minute.  For me, it seemed the time from when we first found out we were having a baby to the first baby shower, it all seemed like a dream.  When I had my first baby shower and was surrounded by all the people I loved and was opening gifts, it hit me: I was really having a baby!  I think seeing all of the gifts that were spread out around me and realizing they were for my baby to use, is when it became real to me.  One of my favorite gifts that was used until my daughter was almost 10 years old, was a soft baby blanket with her name on it.  Chelsea cherished her “baby” and took it everywhere and would not sleep without it.  We only “retired” it because it literally was held together by a few last stands of fabric and crossed fingers!  It was that tattered and much loved gift that prompted me to give just one gift at every baby shower I have been invited to since: a personalized baby blanket.

Personalized Baby Blankets

My oldest daughter and I were invited to a friends baby shower and we were talking about her “baby”.  She said that although it had been 15 years since she had seen it, she thought about it often.  We had decided since Personalized Baby Blankets were our signature gift, we had to get one for our friend.  I was so excited when I found an online company based in Canada that specialized in making people happy with their unique line of products.  Sammygs.com is a company created with much love and joy by a fun loving woman by the name of Samantha Graff.  Sammy G found out in college she had a knack for finding the right gift for the right occasion that was packaged and presented perfectly.  One of the items that Sammy*gs.com is known for and does very well are their personalized baby blankets.  When I opened the blanket that Sammy had personalized for the baby shower, I was so impressed.  The blanket is probably the softest I have ever felt, the stitching was immaculate and the colors Sammy chose were perfect. The blanket measures 35″ x 28″ , which is perfect for a crib and is so soft and cuddly, you wish it were just a bit bigger!  I was so excited when our friend was opening her gift, that I completely flaked and didn’t get a picture of her face when she saw it.  I hate to brag, but you just know when you have hit a home run when you see the look our friend had when she saw her blanket from Sammy*gs.com.  I heard recently that little Emelia does not go anywhere without her blanket and she cannot sleep without it!  The baby blankets from Sammy*gs.com can be purchased at their online store for $69 CAN, which includes one name.  You can stay current with Sammy*gs.com by liking them on Facebook and Twitter.

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