Personalized Home Decor Makes A Unique Gift

So my oldest daughter has met “The One” and they have moved in together. I could not be happier because we absolutely love Mike and he is completely in love with Chelsea. I knew Mike was a great catch when they were here last year visiting at Christmas. Henry does not do well with goodbyes, so when it was time for Mike and Chelsea to leave, he was beside himself. He and Mike had formed a special bond and this made it especially painful to let Mike leave. Mike knew Henry’s autism could be tricky to deal with and he wanted to make leaving as easy as possible. He stood in Henry’s bedroom doorway and told him he had to leave but understood Henry did not want to come out and say goodbye. Mike told Henry he left him a note and whenever he was ready, he could read it. This was such a brilliant idea and it really helped. Since they have a new apartment, I wanted to get them something really special this year. I had a friend tell me personalized home decor makes a unique gift, so that is what I wanted to do. The first place I thought of was Alphabet® Photography, who I worked with last year on a review, when I was looking for ways to add warmth to a room.

This Personalized Home Decor Stands Out!

Alphabet® Photography was created in 2007 by Jennifer Blakeley. Jennifer wanted to offer unique and personalized home decor using alphabet letter art. The result makes a unique addition to any home decor and is a great gift for any occasion. So far, Jennifer has received over 100,000 online orders from all over the world. As a matter of fact, Prince Charles himself said the items from Alphabet Photography was “Smashing”! Jennifer’s alphabet letter art work has been seen on  Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and the Tyra Banks Show, among others. Last years Juno Awards featured Alphabet® Photography as part of their celebrity gift bags.

To be sure I made Mike and Chelsea’s gift as personal as possible, I wanted to find the perfect word. They call each other “Turtle”, so I thought that would be a sweet sentiment to have on their Alphabet® Photography piece. They have a pretty contemporary theme in their apartment, so I thought the neon and marquee style lettering with the high end Chocolate frame, which totaled $169.95. I chose all of the colors they have in their living room and I could not have been more pleased. The end result is absolutely perfect and I cannot wait to see it hanging in their new place. When choosing your letters, you can search from over 1,000 images to create your own word or you can choose a pre-made item instead. They also offer gift cards so you can let the recipient create their own custom design. Be sure to keep up with the latest from Alphabet® Photography by following them on Facebook and Twitter.