Personalized Name Signs For Kids

Personalized Name Signs For Kids

When the kids had their own rooms, I didn’t even think about getting personalized name signs for kids.  When I was looking for some cute things to decorate their rooms in, I did find a few personalized items that fit in very nicely.  It was then that I saw several companies who offered name sign for kid’s rooms.  I even ordered one of them for Caitlin.  I guess I didn’t think my order through when I saw that it was a name cut from wood, it sounded great.  When it got here, it was very thin wood and you had to nail it to the surface.  Problem with that is I wanted it to go on her door and when you hang a wooden sign on a teenage girl’s door it is not pretty.  The first time she got mad at me about something, she slammed her door and the name sign went flying down the hall.  Granted, I have since taken steps to be sure that doesn’t happen again by taking her door off the hinges!!

Mona MELisa Designs is a wonderful online company that specializes in name signs, growth charts and murals.  The team behind the name is Melissa and Lisa, who are two friends that met in an unusual way.  Both women had prior experience in owning a business and they met when Melissa won a prize from Lisa’s company during a virtual baby shower.  (I never heard of a virtual baby shower! I love it!!).  The two became friends quickly and their joint collaboration became Mona MELisa Designs.  You will love the colorful and whimsical characters and lettering you have to choose from this awesome online store.  From Melissa, you get her gifted artistic talents and from Lisa you get her cheerful and adorable characters from her product lines.  When the two combined their talents, a dream was born into a magical world of unique items for your child’s room.

Canvas Art For Kids Rooms

Canvas Art For Kid’s Bedrooms

There is something to be said about canvas art for kid’s bedrooms.  Canvas adds a level of sophistication to a child’s room that takes the paper poster out of there forever!  The first thing I noticed about the products from Mona MELisa Designs is that they use canvas for their name signs.  No more lettering to fall off a door!  I was able to review two name signs; one for a boy’s room and one for a girl’s room.  My BFF lost her home the day after Thanksgiving and she and her 3 kids have moved from a large home to a 2 bedroom apartment.  It has been an adjustment for them all and I wanted to give them something to make their new place more like a home.  Lisa was so generous to create two very different signs for 3 very different kids!  When you order something from Mona MELisa Designs, you have a lot of choices to make.  You have a ton of different motifs to choose from, colors, lettering, etc.  You are able to customize something for your child that is a one of a kind piece of art.  I chose the car/truck theme for Alex and Adam’s room ($35.00) and the butterfly girl theme for Anna ($35.00).  You will not believe the bright and cheerful colors, the quality of their work and the cute characters in their designs.  I could not have been more pleased with an item and the kids were just speechless when they saw their signs.  I have two big bear hugs from three silly children to send over to Lisa and Melissa!

Lisa from Mona MELisa Designs has offered an exclusive 60% off coupon code for Makobi Scribe readers. Use the code: MOMSTAKE60 at checkout.

One reader will win a name sign in their choice of design ARV $35.00

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