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Personalized Posters For Kids From Beanland Sweepstakes

Personalized Posters For Kids

If you are looking for a really unique gift, you should look into personalized posters for kids.  I have seen “personalized” pictures or posters at the amusement park that look like the printer ink hasn’t been updated in months.  These hideous keepsakes are so pixelated; you can hardly tell who is in the picture.  You can tell how bad it is if you don’t even recognize your own kids in the picture!!  As many toy and clothing companies there are, you can always find boring stuff for your kids.  Since I am trying to be Mom of the Year, I try to get gifts that are more meaningful than a pair of socks or another football.  I want the person I am shopping for know I put a lot of  thought into choosing their gift. While searching for gift ideas,  I found the best artist on Etsy whose art has a really unique style.

Welcome to Beanland readers!  If you want a completely original, one of a kind rendition of your child, friend or other loved one, this is the place!  Hailing from the UK (London, England to be exact), this artist has a cool spin on pop culture.  He takes an image and turns it into a vibrantly colorful cartoon replica.  I think the most fun part of his work is that he exaggerates just the right thing in the photo and makes it awesome.  Did you ever go to a fair or amusement park and get your caricature done? Well, Mel’s art is nothing like that!!  His version of the caricature is so close to the image he is creating that you immediately know who he portrayed.

Cartoon Pictures Of People

When I first saw the work over in Beanland, I immediately loved his cartoon pictures of people.  I knew I had to have some of his work, so he generously provided me with samples.  Have you ever been shopping and came across something that you felt was made just for you?  That is exactly what happened to me when I visited Beanland.  Many of you may not be old enough to remember a movie from 1984 named The Neverending Story.  My oldest daughter has LOVED that movie since she first saw it and at 24, she STILL loves it.  How in the world was it possible that I would find a poster of that movie (Glossy A3 poster, 11.7×16.5) (valued from $6-$8) in Beanland?  I mean, what are the odds right?  My very favorite poster I got from Beanland was the personalized poster (valued at $20.00) of my Henry.  I hope you can see from the photo I inserted that every last detail from my original photo was put in the poster.  Not only are the colors so very vibrant, but the thought and heart that goes into the Beanland work is extraordinary.  You can also order key chains and magnets from Beanland and you can rest assured I will be visiting Beanland often!

One reader will win a personalized A3 poster from Beanland (valued at $20.00)

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