Plant Based Skin Care Products

When my kids were born, they had problems with dry and cracked feet. Way back when they were born (lol), I just used the lotion in the pink bottle that everyone else used. It did not do a lot for the problem, but it was safe for babies and it smelled good! As they got older, the problem shifted from their feet to their elbows and knees. My doctor said they had severely dry skin and Caitlin was actually diagnosed with Eczema. We were using prescription creams for her elbows but after our insurance stopped covering it, we could not afford to pay almost $50 for it. We started using over the counter medications that did reduce the signs and symptoms, although they did not completely diminish. I must say, the poo kids get these ailments honest as my husband has Eczema and I have severely cracked and dry feet and heels. Had I known about Toe Juice when the kids were going through these issues, I would have been able to avoid the whole prescription medication route all together!

Plant Based Skin Care Products

I have not ever been a big fan of medications, especially for the kids. Because of this, I started doing research on organic and natural based products as an alternative. When I started reading about the benefits of using plant based skin care products, and found the products from Toe Juice fit in that category, I wanted to try them. The Toe Juice product line was started by Royce Garner, who was a high school science teacher. His baby had dry, cracked and flaky feet and he could not find a cream that really worked. After doing some research and experimenting with plant based extracts, he came up with Toe Juice; a product with a funny name that does a serious job. Toe Juice, which includes a power plant based ingredient called DermaVine, works on such skin issues as insect bites, dry skin, acne, ringworm and athletes foot. If you want to see a video about Toe Juice, you can view it on the website.

I must say I was completely taken by surprise at the immediate effectiveness of the Toe Juice products. After so many years of looking for a product that would make my poor dry heels feel soft and stop itching, I finally found one! This stuff really does work! I put about a half dollar size amount in my palm and rub it into my feel really well. it absorbs quickly, it is not greasy or messy and it doesn’t stick to my socks! I put some on Caitlin’s elbows and although it has only been a few days, the redness and dry areas seems to be better. I am looking forward to using it for a few more weeks to get a really good test run going. If you are looking for an all natural hand sanitizer, the Hog Wash is equally as effective. I have a horrible time with most hand sanitizers will  dry my hands out and the Hog Wash does not do that at all. The other thing I love is if you eat right after you use it, you do not get the gross alcohol taste on your tongue that similar products leave. You can purchase Toe Juice and Hog Wash products from their website as well as Walgreens, Bed, Bath and Beyond and other fine stores.

One USA reader will win (2) bottles of Toe Juice and (2) bottles of Hog Wash Hand Sanitizer (Total value: $54.00)


  1. I’ve never tried this before but I think I would love the Toe Juice. If it works as great as some people say then I would so go for the Toe Juice Family Pack!

  2. I’d love to try the Toe Juice!
    I have really dry skin and mild eczema on my face, so any product that can help naturally I love!

  3. i would love to try this toe juice for my baby! she has dry skin on her feet and I have to put lotion on her everyday. I love that this product is plant based as well!

  4. I love the Toe Juice. What a great product that helps with so many problems. I can see my whole family benefiting from this product.

  5. I would like to try the Toe Juice on my son. He has dry skin in general, but his feet are really bad.

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