Plastic Bottles Wholesale

A lot of the products I use around the house are concentrated, which makes me feel great about doing something to help reduce the use of plastics.  The only problem is that I also have to purchase the bottle which dispenses the product, like the spray bottle or the soap dispenser.  For instance, one of the items for our home that I have purchased in a concentrated bottle for a very long time is hand soap.  There are three different areas of our home where we need bottles of hand soap, the kitchen, and two bathrooms.  I do not necessarily care to purchase the individual containers for each of the three spaces and purchase the concentrated formula as well.  I prefer to purchase the concentrated formula and then get the plastic bottles wholesale for the actual soap dispensers.

Concentrated Cleaning Products

There are so many different styles of bottles that can be bought wholesale.  This is very helpful if you are like me and purchase concentrated cleaning products.  I really like not having a lot of plastic waste. Since I keep the plastic containers and only throw out the concentrated bottle once every couple of months or so, I feel as though I am helping, in a very small way, to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

I really do not have a lot of plastic around the house any more except for what is needed for cleaners and soaps, otherwise I try to stick to glass.  My youngest children are twins are 4, almost 5 and they have been drinking out of small glasses for almost two years now.  I am in the process of replacing all of my plastic storage containers with glass ones and outside of that, I really do not use plastic for anything else.

My next goal will be to eliminate as much plastic as possible in the refrigerator.  That would mean buying salad dressing, milk, and marinades in glass bottles instead of plastic.  For years now I have kept water bottles for the kids in the refrigerator.  Their bottles are BPA free so I just put them through the dishwasher every week, and they are good to go.

Being environmentally conscious has given me a lot of opportunities to talk to the kids about the health of our planet.  It is very rewarding to watch them do things in their small ways to help the planet too.


  1. I was not aware of this concentrated product. But after reading this blog i think i must try once…
    Thanks, Jodi..:-) Hope in future we will get more valuable tips from you….:-)

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