Playful Paintings on Glass

I am familiar with several styles of art, but I recently found playful paintings on glass.  Painting on glass is a fairly new trend in the crafting world but it is catching on quite fast.  When an artist paints on glass, the result is super vibrant colors.  If you were to take an acrylic painting on canvas and compare it to the same on glass, the difference is like night and day.  What I found interesting was the recycling aspect of this medium of art.  Whereas you would need to purchase the canvas for a traditional painting, you can find glass and recycle it into a wonderful piece of art you will treasure.

Recently I met Stefan Lazarescu, a young artist from Romania.  Stefan finds his inspiration for his funky friends in Romanian folklore.  By using the classic bright colors and geometric shapes from his culture, he brings to life a menagerie of happy characters for your home.  When you visit Stefan’s shop, you will meet a lively bunch that includes:  Hot Lips, Autumn Rhino, Blue Turtle and the Happy Goats.   On the wooden frame, you will find the big theme from the painting on glass reduced to a symbolic sign along with floral or geometrical patterns.  If you don’t see an animal you hoped for in Stefan’s shop, he is happy to create an animal of your choice into a friend for your home.

Brightly Colored Paintings

I fell in love with Stefan’s brightly colored paintings and was more than happy to review his work.  I chose the “Blue Hippo” (valued at $55) which measures 10”x5”x10”x5” and it came ready for me to hang.  I wish I could translate how rich the colors are and how the hippo seems ready to jump off the glass and hang out with the kids!! By slowly adding original pieces of art in their rooms, I hope my kids will grow to love and appreciate art as much as I do.  I told TheHenMan the little guy in the painting was his new friend from Romania and he was going to keep him company at night.  From the look of pure joy and awe on my son’s face, I knew our Blue Hippo was exactly where he was meant to be.  Now “Blueie” is a member of our family and we absolutely adore him!!

Thank you to Stefan for offering one animal painted on glass valued at $55

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