This is a follow-up to my first WordPress plugin post. Since joining WordPress, I have added a few plugins to my repertoire.

  • Advertising Management:  With Advertisement Management you can control all your blogadvertisements from one single location in the blog back-end. I use this to put in my Google ads.
  • WP  Reduces file sizes and improve performance using API within WordPress. It shrinks my pictures making my site faster.
  • Genesis Simple Hooks: Genesis Simple Hooks allows you easy access to the 50+ Action Hooks in the Genesis Theme. This allows me to add widgets and ads to different area of my Genesis theme now that I have switched over from Thesis.
  • ReplyMe: Send emails to authors of comments on my blog when I reply to them.
  • SEO-Tool Keyword Density Checker: The SEO-Tool Keyword Density Checker is generating the statistics part (including the meta keywords suggestion) of the Keyword Statistics Pluginonly. Densities of the used keywords and 2-/3-word phrases will be calculated while writing the content. No meta informations will be embedded into your blogs pages. This is for those of you who use other SEO plugins but also want an overview about the keywords and phrases in content – without the overhead of generating meta informations while serving the blogs pages.
  • Share and Follow: Adds the cool follow buttons to the right of my blog.


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