See Which Halloween Costumes For Pets Are Trending

I am a huge pet lover and have had pets in my home since I can remember. When I met my current husband, I found out he was terribly allergic to cats and the trouper that he is, decided to take medication rather than ask me to part with my cats. Well, we lost the girls a few years back and although they could not be replaced, I did find two sisters we love. Fat Hazel, is black with some white, and is my dear who is never far from my side. Her sister Meep is a petite little thing that is white with some black, including a Mickey Mouse head looking pattern on her back. We added Chester the guinea pig about 2 months ago and now our brood is complete. And what pet lover would ever consider letting a holiday go by that the pets were not included in? Well, in my house, Halloween is for everyone, and that includes our furry babies. I would not go anywhere else for Halloween costumes for pets than I would for their other pet products, and that is Pet Smart.

Halloween Costumes For Pets

Halloween Costumes For Pets

Pet Smart is the largest specialty pet retailer who also offers services and solutions for your pets. They have 1,289 stores as well as 196 in-store PetSmart PetsHotels® for dog and cat boarding. They have a huge line of affordable pet products and in-store services including pet boarding, grooming and training. Their stores are stocked with more than 10,000 products and they are also a leader of online provider of pet supplies and pet care information. They also provide in-store pet adoption and partners with PetSmart Charities®. This organization has helped saved more than 5 million pets since 1994.

Cat Toys From Pet Smart

We were sent a variety of Halloween costumes for pets as well as toys including something for Hazel, Meep as well as Chester. We decided that Hazel would have no opinion on what we put on her, so we decided on the clown since it is the polar opposite of her personality. This is the most serious cat you will ever meet! Now Meep on the other hand is a playful and silly little girl who fits the Jester costume perfectly.


Chester is the most laid back of the group and he was as docile as they come when we put the Pumpkin and the Witch costume on him. I do not know about you, but I think all of the kids look awesome in their costumes, even if the look on Hazel’s face conveys differently! The costumes are crazy affordable with the cat costumes retailing for $7.99 and the hamster costumes for $5.99, but all can be found on sale online and in select stores. The toys retail for $6.99 for the mouse and $7.99 for the cigar from the Martha Stewart line. Be sure to visit Pet Smart in store or online for a ton of costumes, toys, food, treats, and many other items for your precious one. Be sure to follow Pet Smart on Facebook and Twitter.

One USA reader will win a $25 Gift Card from Pet Smart.


  1. I actually dis buy costunes from PetSmart I bought the little devil, the elephant, and the bumblebee.

  2. Pumpkins are always cute. i like tigger as well. this year i tried for first time to put a costume on my dog. she went as spongebob.

  3. I’d have to choose the Sesame Street Pet Halloween Big Bird Costume. He was my favorite character on Sesame Street when I was growing up. It would be cool to bring him out of retirement through my pets costume. How cute!

  4. I would pick the Martha Stewart Pets® Mr. Furry Costume I have a Pom that looks exactly like the one in the costume. He would looks so cute in it.

  5. i lvoe the paul frank hood shirt..i love all the hooded shirts!! my baby butters would look so awesome in one!!

  6. The Halloween costumes seem to be taken down from the site already, but I think my kitties would love the TRIXIE’s Madrid Adjustable Cat Tree!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  7. I would choose a princess costume with a tiara for my bichon frise dog because she thinks she is one.

  8. Since it’s November the only costume left is the Grreat Choice® Princess Tutu. My cats might not enjoy that, though.

  9. There is only one cat costume, the Princess Tutu, so I wouldn’t really have a choice… but not sure my male cat would like it lol!

  10. I would get the Disney® PetHalloween™ Pooh Costume for my dog Sugar

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  11. Top Paw® PetHalloween™ Bee Costume. 2 of my pomeranians (mother and daughter) are solid black so this would be great.

  12. I love all the Disney costumes they have! I could do Woody and Jessie because I have a boy and girl dog.

  13. Honestly, I wouldn’t choose any of them. I don’t have a pet, my grandparents have a little dog, and they’re on a fixed income, so I would give this to them to use for those little extras they can never afford to get their little guy.

  14. I would get the devil costume for my naughty little chihuahua, Lucy. Which I am sure is short for Lucifer, so that might be a little too much like her to be considered a costume.

  15. For our little guy, Bullitt, if I were lucky enough to win, I would choose the Sesame Street Pet Halloween Cookie Monster Costume. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  16. I really want to dress one of the cats in the Martha Stewart Pets® Mrs. Furry Costume. probably biscuit.

  17. Well, out of the two measly options for cats I would choose the Angel Wings. (where is the devil hat I see pictured??? THAT is the one that would be more appropriate for my stinkers!)

  18. I think I would choose the Martha Stewart Pets® Witch Costume! I have a little Shih Tzu, and she would rock this costume! Thanks for having this giveaway, and for the chance. 🙂

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