Gift Ideas For Girls
I was told recently that I am too old to know what the best gift ideas for girls are.  Apparently I live in a cave and am out of touch with the world and could not possibly be a suitable gift giver.  What is so bad is I do remember telling my mom the very same thing that Caitlin said to me, so I should not be surprised.  To be sure I was on the right track with my gift giving this year, I decided to go online and see what girls are into this year.  Here are a few ideas I found:

Gift Ideas For Girls

Music:  Music is really in this year and it seems that anything music related is hot.  The gamut runs from microphones with a DVD, to a karaoke machine to an mp3 player loaded with your girl’s fav artists.

Arts And Crafts:  You can never go wrong when it comes to arts and crafts.  Girls of all ages love to color, paint, put together bracelets or maybe origami!  A great gift idea for you little girl is a kit with all she needs for a day filled with arts and crafts.  The kits I found were all very affordable and were filled with a ton of great stuff.

Dress Up: It seems that every generation passes on their rite of dressing up and playing make-believe.  I have pictures of my sister and me wearing my mom’s dresses and high heels. We thought we were very important ladies!  A great gift that is really popular this year is a dress up trunk.  These are filled with an assortment of costumes, accessories, play shoes and jewelry.

Make-Up: Another sweet memory I have is my Gram teaching me how to wear make-up when I was 7 or 8.  I remember like it was yesterday and I loved the bright green (yes, green) eye shadow she put on me!  It was the 70’s, so what do you expect!  There are great items out there that are suitable for a little girl’s day of pretend.  One of my favorite companies that have just a ton of great gifts for little girls is My Princess Academy.  The name is just perfect because their product line is filled with pretty dress-up dresses, make-up, glitter, tiaras and so much more.

Pretend Play For Girls

Pretend Play For Girls

Studies have shown that we should encourage pretend play for girls.  If children are given opportunities to play make-believe, they are said to do well in school when they are older.  My Princess Academy has so many great items for your little girl to pretend play with.  Anna is my contact for My Princess Academy and she chose some fantastic things for little girls.  She sent me the My Princess Academy 10-Piece Makeup Backpack Set ($14.99), My Princess Academy Mini Messenger Peace Bag and Accessories ($9.99), and the My Princess Academy Sequin Dress with Tulle Rosettes ($28.99).  I have to say the dress was a big hit in our house!  I think one of the biggest reasons I love My Princess Academy is because all of their products are very well made and are perfect for little girls.  They have put together such a perfect mix of products for girls of every age.  Caitlin really loves the Mini Messenger Peace Bag because it is the perfect size to put her lip gloss and hair bands that come with it.  She also put her money pouch and her hair brush.  I love that the strap is long enough to wear it across your body.  If you are looking for some precious things to get your little princess, head over to My Princess Academy.

One reader will win the My Princess Academy 10-Piece Makeup Backpack Set ($14.99), My Princess Academy Mini Messenger Peace Bag and Accessories ($9.99), and the My Princess Academy Sequin Dress with Tulle Rosettes ($28.99), which totals $53.97.

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  1. I like the Light Up Princess Wand with Sound & The Pink Pixie Skirt and Wing Set! They have such cute things!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dress up clothes here beautiful can’t wait to buy a few for my Grandaughter. I am in love with this site and I can’t wait to show it to her when she comes over. We will shop together and I will be broke LOLOLOL.

  3. i love the polka dot skirt plus matching headband.soo cute. the princess acadeny is awesome-im showing this to my grandaughter,shell love it!

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