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Popular iPhone Accessories For Girls

Well, we have finally given in to the almost constant begging from Caitlin for a phone. I did not want to let her have a phone at not quite 15, but she had a good reason. She has been working on the school play, was in orchestra and had bible group, all of which happened after school.  There were several days where the times would change and the kids had to stay a bit longer and some where they were done early. Caitlin’s teacher did not like letting the kids use her personal phone, but most of her friends did not have phones.  We decided it was not safe for her to be without a phone, so we decided to let her have one.  With phones, comes the need for accessories and I had no clue what the popular iPhone accessories for girls were. id America is a company whose products I liked when I saw them  at a recent convention.

Popular iPhone Accessories For Girls

I have passed down a lot of great qualities to my kids like my love of music and learning. I have also passed down some not so great qualities, like my clumsiness. I knew I was going to need to get Caitlin a case for her phone that would also protect it. If she dropped her phone half as often as I have dropped mine, she was going to need one! I also wanted to find her popular iPhone accessories for girls that she would like. With the Hue Soft Grip Case, if Caitlin were to drop her phone, the case would deflect the shock and prevent scratches. The two pieces snaps on easily, comes in a variety of colors and with its strong materials, it is going to last a good long time. It also comes with a cleaning cloth and screen protectors and all of your openings are easily accessible.

We also received the Cushi Art Deco skin in the baby blue and pink. Because we wanted the case to stay on the phone, we put the Cushi on the back. This adds texture and color to the Hue Soft Grip case and it offers further protection. It is easy to put on and take off without any sticky residue being left behind. The products from id America are edgy, good looking and completely functional and affordable. Their products offer their customers practicality along with a unique look.

One USA reader will win a Cushi Art Deco Skin ($14.95) in their choice of design/color, based on availability.


  1. tyvm for this fab contest, If I win, I would gift the case to my daughter who has an Iphone cell phone, she would luv it !!

  2. I luv the iphone’s I don’t have a cell phone and they look like such awesome toys to have..:-)

  3. My husband will be getting an iphone, and I think that he would like the carbon black skin cover, and the screen protector.

  4. I like the Cushi dot iphone case or the darkest one available. My daughter is a police officer and we won’t talk about the number of times she broken her phone. Thanks for this much needed giveaway.

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