post maternity fashion with karina

No, I didn’t have the baby yet! That is just my sister in law and super adorable nephew, Tripp! My sister in law, Shawna, gave birth to her second baby just 6 months ago. It’s so funny, sometimes we sit around and chat about how we are both in complete shock that we are both married with children! Shawna may be my sister in law, but she is also my BFF and she means the world to me. Now, Shawna has a lot of confidence issues and I have NO idea why? Look at her grin! She is adorable! But, after giving birth to two beautiful little boys, I can completely understand how and why she would have issues with her self esteem and post baby body. I would do anything to see her happy, and since I feel huge a pregnant at the moment, I decided that she could be my Karina Dresses protegee!

Post maternity fashion

Why Karina Dresses Are The Perfect Post Maternity Fashion:

  • Pockets: Mommies need pockets. It’s a fact. Shawna is incredibly busy, chasing after a 4 year old and doting on a 6 month old. There is no telling what might be in her pockets at this moment, but I do know that they are being used and used again!
  • Perfect Sleeves: These are a sign that Karina loves us and wants us to be happy! As soon as Shawna put this dress on she felt comfortable. She actually said “I can’t believe it fit!” with a big smile on her face. Shawna is a triangle shaped gal, and the Penelope dress works perfectly for her!
  • Waistline: The pleated waistline on the Penelope dress is incredible for hiding lumps and bumps, especially for a new mommy who isn’t quite comfortable with her body yet.
  • Versitile: This is probably one of the most important parts of post maternity fashion. Karina Dresses are perfect for wearing around the house, in the back yard with the kids and even to work! Shawna can throw on a cami and a cardigan with a pair of cute flats and head to the the office!

Shawna and I are proof that Karina Dresses are in fact dresses for every body! I’ve been able to wear Karina before my pregnancy, through my pregnancy and I plan on wearing them after my pregnancy! The Penelope dress comes in sizes X/S (fits sizes 0-4), S/M (fits sizes 6-10), M/L (fits sizes 12-14) and X/L (fits sizes 18-20). Shawna is normally a size 10, but due to her being post baby, decided on a M/L in Purple Feathers. As you can see, it is the perfect fit! More importantly, she is happy and comfortable!

What is your favorite piece of post maternity fashion?



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