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Jennifer and MasonWhile I don’t typically share my personal trials online, this moved me to be able to share my story and perhaps give others hope in what could be such a dark time in a trying to conceive.  My partner and I have been together for some time.  We each have a child from a previous relationship.  Before my son was born, I had been told by my doctors that I may never have a child due to some damage in my reproductive system.  One Fallopian tube is basically blocked and my uterus is extremely tilted.  While I had been able to conceive three times before my son was born, I miscarried each time within the first trimester.  My partner and I have been trying for over two years to conceive. We were been able to get pregnant once before but lost our child late in my second trimester.  Trying to get pregnant is hard enough to keep not getting those two line on the stick.  However, once we do, to lose that child is devastating.  We want a big family, at least three or four more children. We want to experience the joy of having a child together and bringing life into this world, together.

Huggies Covers Makobi Scribe Baby BootysHaving spoken with fertility specialists, we knew that hormone injections and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) were going to really hard for us financially to do.  ‘Lo and behold comes this new idea (almost like an answered prayer), the Stork® OTC device.  After trying to imagine what it would look like I was pleasantly surprised not to see a turkey baster! This rather simple design, kind of looks like a condom with a little cap was pretty interesting. Considering that my partner is already familiar with condoms, this didn’t seem like sure a huge leap.  It collects the sperm and without having to transfer to another device, we can then get all those little guys up to my cervix without losing a single one. There is applicator which holds the collector/cervical cap and is able to help with insertion.

storkstoriesAfter reviewing our options, we might give the Stork OTC device a try.  In the comfort of our own home, we can don’t have to wait in an office.  My partner does not have to go into a room to place what could be our next child in a cup and I don’t have to feel as if this a completely unnatural process.

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