As hurricane season is now in full swing, if you haven’t made preparations to ensure you and your families safety and survival, then now is the time. It’s pro-active and smart to make a list of things you need to keep you and your family comfortable and safe and then store them in a secure container in an easily accessible location. Be smart and keep to the essentials. Here are the 6 most important things to have stocked up for hurricane season before a storm hits and the stores are emptied.


6 Essentials For Your Hurricane Season Preparation Kits

waterWhen the utilities go out that means water as well. So it’s smart to make sure you to have a healthy supply on hand before the storm gets close and the mad rush to the stores begin.


Batteries are item that you can roll over from one year to the next. Just make sure to check them out to insure they don’t need to be replaced each season.


Fuel is a big one. Once the storm gets close, the lines will get long and the stations will run out. So get it early so you have plenty of fuel for your vehicle and your generator. Remember to add a fuel stabilizer to it so it doesn’t turn bad on you.


When the power goes out during a storm it usually means that you will lose your TV and radio stations. Weather radios are an inexpensive way to keep up with the latest updates after the power is out. Be sure to get one that has wind up power capabilities so that you don’t dip into your battery supply.


I know that not everyone has the ability to employ a generator. If you do, it can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. There are plenty of great affordable generators out there that will keep your lights on and your food cold during an outage.


If you don’t have a generator then you need to make sure that you have a viable plan in place to have enough food to last anywhere from 3-6 days without refrigeration. Don’t count on having a ready supply of ice for your coolers either. The best option for these scenarios are freeze dried meals like the ones in the Live Prepared 30-Day Food Vault.


Being prepared before the storm hits is vital if you don’t want to be scrambling for every meal for you and your family. The 30 Day Food Vault from Live Prepared is exactly what you need to make sure you have plenty of food for when an emergency or natural disaster hits. It comes with 18 different food varieties of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. That comes to eleven servings a day and 2000 plus calories a day for 30 days. The 30 day food vault costs $259. That comes to $7.61 a pound or $8.56 per 2000 calories. Don’t hesitate when it comes to being prepared before hurricane season starts. If you wait, it could be too late.

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