Pomsky. The name sounds as playful as the actual pup that it describes. A Pomsky is a special cross-bred dog. This unique little dog can be a great asset to your family. It is important, though, that you learn about the Pomsky before you are captivated by its cute and cuddly presence. Learning more about this breed allows you to determine if it is the right breed for your living conditions, personality, and daily schedule.

What is a Pomsky?

First, what is a Pomsky? The Pomsky is a hybrid breed. It is also referred to as a designer dog. It is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. When you see their puppies, you will absolutely fall in love with this soft, long-haired dog with brightly colored eyes. The combination of these two breeds creates a dog which remains small in size, about 10-15 inches in height and can weigh about 15 pounds. The life span of the Pomsky is about 13 to 15 years.

The physical characteristics of the Pomsky vary within the breed and can vary within each litter. The color of these beautiful pups includes black, white, brown, gray and cream, to name a few. Their coats can be fluffy, wavy or soft. The breeder, of course, does not know what the litter will produce when these dogs are cross-bred. They must also take care to breed the male Pomeranian with the larger female Siberian Husky. Breeding in the reverse could cause physical complications for the smaller female Pomeranian if she has to carry the larger Siberian Husky pups.

Why Pomskys Make the Perfect Dog

As you have learned, the breeding of these dogs creates a cuddly pup that does not get very big. The size of the Pomsky makes it the perfect dog whether you live in a house or an apartment. They don’t require the space that a larger dog would need. They do, however, require attention and an owner who is fairly active. This breed of dog is very energetic and needs to work off that energy in positive ways. Walking, playing and learning a variety of tricks and behavioral etiquettes would be good ways to help the Pomsky direct his energy.

Learning tricks and behavioral etiquettes is easy for the Pomsky. It is a highly intelligent dog with a happy temperament. They are usually easy to train and respond to training that includes edible rewards. As with the physical variation, this breed can also have temperament variations. Some may present more stubbornness that comes from the Pomeranian genetics. Should this happen, you just need to provide a little more loving care and patience with this pooch. Otherwise, the Pomsky is a great dog for families with older children, single adults or seniors.

This group of dog owners is more likely to take the time needed for exercise and training of the Pomsky. They are also more likely to care for the grooming needs of this breed. The Pomsky sheds quite a bit and needs daily brushing. Brushing will help to reduce shedding. Like other dogs, they require teeth brushing, baths and a proper diet. Their high energy needs to be supplemented with a high-quality type of dry kibble.

The easiest aspect of taking great care of the Pomsky is providing it with socialization opportunities and providing it with enormous amounts of love and affection. These requirements won’t be hard to achieve, especially after you see their puppies and the adult dogs that are available for you and your family. Remember to evaluate your home situation before you introduce the cute, cuddly, highly energetic and loving Pomsky into your environment. Be sure that you and your family are prepared to provide all of the love and care that this special hybrid dog requires. And know that once this adorable creature becomes a part of your family, you will enjoy years of laughter, companionship, and protection from this unique breed.