Caillou Bathtub Toy
If you have a preschooler at home, you know how curious they are. Kids at this age are little walking sponges that soak up everything they see, touch, feel, hear and smell. It is so much fun to watch them when they are learning at this age. One preschooler that may be a bit more well known than your little one is Caillou. This popular little guy from television is an ever curious and adventuresome 4 year old. Caillou can find delight in the small wonders in life like mastering tying his shoes or discovering a bird’s nest in the yard. Preschoolers love learning, exploring and dealing with life challenge’s that preschoolers encounter each day. Caillou has a very active imagination, so he tends to make his stories a bit more colorful than they may have actually been. We love this about him and it is one of the reasons our kids keep going back to catch his latest adventure or hurdle in life. He and his sister Rosie and his mom and dad are a great family to have as role models for your youngster.

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The Newest Caillou Tub Toy

Caillou’s curiosity and wild imagination are not checked at the door. He can have as much fun inside his house as he can outside of it. Caillou and Rosie have made castles from appliance boxes and have lost favorite toys only to find them in the most curious place. When it is time to clean up after a long day of playing and exploring, the fun does not stop, just because it is time for the tub. Pretending at bath time with the newest Caillou tub toy is the perfect end to a busy preschoolers day. My family received the newest Caillou tub toy, the Caillou Bath Time Activity Set and the boys have had such fun with it.

The new Caillou Bath Time Activity Set tub toy is a large plastic figure of Caillou which includes Caillou dressed as a diver. Your little one and Caillou can explore the mysterious waters in your tub as brave divers searching for treasure on the “ocean” floor. To make the game more interesting, perhaps you can put some “treasures” on the bottom of the ocean for Caillou and your child to discover. Maybe Caillou can be a marine biologist who is taking your child on a mission to discover a new and exotic sea creature. What adventures can you and your little diver make up and play? With Caillou, the possibilities are endless! You can purchase the Bath Time Activity Set at Toys R Us as well as other fine retailers for $19.99.

Growing up is the greatest adventure and with Caillou your preschooler will learn how to manage everyday adventures like tying shoes, composting, how to be healthy and much more!

Discovery, learning, growing.  In Caillou’s world, these things are paramount. Being 4 years old means life is full of little challenges – and sometimes BIG ones too! Caillou meets these challenges eagerly; exploring his world, discovering new things, and often learning from his mistakes. With a focus on healthy nutrition, exercise, safety, and the environment, each “Caillou” episode is grounded in an everyday experience – one that inspires children to grow emotionally as they explore the world around them. As Caillou overcomes life’s obstacles and makes healthy choices, children are inspired to do the same – making him an everyday hero! All-new episodes of Caillou are now airing on PBS and Sprout.

One (1) winner will receive: Caillou Bathtime with You Activity Set ($19.99)


  1. I think my kids would love Fisher-Price Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

  2. Right now anything Caillou!, he would go nuts for the bath time toy for sure!! or the back pack, hes into putting things in his back pack and carrying it to day care lol

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  4. I love the Fisher-Price Bubble Guppies Bath Squirters – Molly, Oona and Starfish…my little guy loves Bubble Guppies!

  5. The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark also looks great – fun with water inside AND outside!

  6. I want this product. Reminds me how my daughter always watched this show. Want it for my granddaughter – her daughter.

    • I want this product. Reminds me how my daughter always watched this show. Want it for my granddaughter-her daughter.
      Name spelled wrong above.

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