Prevent Visible Panty Lines At Your Holiday Parties

By now most of the holiday preparations are well under way in many homes and offices across the world. Decorations have been hung, trees decorated, stockings hung and family treasures displayed. This is the time of year many houses will open their doors to family, friends and co-workers for holiday parties, dinners and other get togethers. If you work in an office, you you may have your annual holiday party to attend. When I worked in an office, my holiday office party was huge and we looked forward to it all year. Granted, part of the reason we got excited was our Christmas bonuses were handed out and the food was amazing! The dress was always semi-formal and I took great care to choose something professional but a bit sexy. The one thing that will kill the perfect dress every time is if your underwear is showing! When you dress up for your holiday parties, you can prevent visible panty lines with Knix Wear.

Prevent Visible Panty Lines With Knix Wear

If there is one thing you do not want to do when you dress up is end up in a magazine as a “Fashion Don’t!” We should make sure our dress fits properly so we do not look like we are stuffed in a sausage casing. We should have the proper length because at a holiday party, less leg is better than virtually all of your leg showing! It is better to have a pair of shoes that have a medium heel and if the heels are not clear, that is better. It is proper to wear a bra and panties under your outfit because a peek-a-boo at an office party is not how to get ahead! For a smooth backside, you can prevent visible panty lines with Knix Wear.

I love the panties from Knix Wear for a whole lot of reasons! They wick away moisture, get rid of odor and fit like a glove. Have you ever had a pair of panties that were so comfortable you kind of forgot you were even wearing any? That is the Knix Wear knickers for you! And these are not your grandmother’s undies, unless of course she is a cool granny! I received one pair of the Knixy lace and Knix Fit thongs in black, which both sell for $30 on the Knix Wear website. The Knixy is gorgeous, sexy and so dang comfortable, they are absolutely not your typical thong. The Knix Fit is awesome for working out, walking, or any other activity because they stay in place =, keep you dry and you do not smell like a sweaty monster! If you are looking for great panties that fit well and will last you forever, Knix Wear is for you! Be sure to stay current with the latest from and Knix Wear follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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