Problem Solving Beauty Products

Miss Oops problem solving beauty Products products are a must have for every woman.  Most women run into beauty problems on a day to day basis.  Whether it be too much cleavage, muffin top or dry, cracking feet, it seems like there is always a “beauty crisis” to be solved.  Wouldn’t it be great to find all your beauty solutions in one place?  Well look no further than Miss Oops!  Miss Oops was created to offer affordable, must-have beauty products to fix everyday errors!  Best of all, most of these beauty saves can fit right in your purse and be taken with you where ever you go!!

Muffin Top Eliminator

If you are looking for a muffin top eliminator, Miss Oops has just the product for you.  Its called “JAKs” and it will help you say “no” to cracks and prevent that dreaded muffin top!  How many times have you slipped in your favorite jeans only to realize the couple pounds you put on seems to be all in your stomach?  Its happened to me more than once and wish I had had JAKs to save the day.  JAKs is lacy panel of fabric made of a 90% nylon and 10% lycra that slips under your shirt and over your jeans to help with unsightly muffin top and hide any “cracks”!  JAKs appears as a layer under your shirt, which is very stylish right now!  It was stretchy and very easy to put on.  It created a smoothness under my shirt and you couldn’t even notice my unfortunate muffin top!  It even covered up the back of my jeans so I don’t have to worry about any unsightly cracks when I bend down!  I can finally wear my pre-pregnancy low rise jeans and feel good about myself!  I love this product!  JAKs retails for $14.99 per panel and comes in white and black to match any outfit.

UV repair cream

“If I Could Turn Back Time” is a UV repair cream that I received from Miss Oops!  Living inSouthwest Florida, sun damage is unfortunately a risk.  I try my best to put on sunscreen and protect my skin but I know at some point I will probably develop some sun spots and skin damage.  “If I Could Turn Back Time” from Miss Oops is made with silymarin, resveratrol, betulinic acid, CoQ10, sandalwood essential oil, to name a few and is created to actually reverse skin damage!  “If I Could Turn Back Time” is safe for all skin types and is not tested on animals.  It is great for skin damage on chest, arms and legs.  I have been using the cream on my chest and arms after being in the sun and although I don’t have “sun spots”, I have noticed a huge difference in the hydration in my skin.  My skin feels so soft and healthy, rather than dry and irritated.  “If I Could Turn Back Time” retails for $82.00 for 2 oz.

Spider Vein Reducing Cream

My favorite product that I received from Miss Oops is “You’re So Not Vein”, spider vein reducing cream.  I have several areas on my body that have unsightly spider veins.  I noticed the spider veins worsening with pregnancy and as I started working 12 hour shifts on my feet as a nurse.  I was hoping the spider veins would lessen after pregnancy but they haven’t decreased and all the creams I have tried haven’t worked.  I started using the “You’re So Not Vein” crème on my largest spider vein on my thigh last week.  As of last night, I am already noticing a decrease in the appearance of the spider veins.  I love that the crème is slightly tinted so it immediately looks better as it starts to work long term.  The crème is made with ingredients such as licorice, grape seed, golden seal and rosehip oil.  “You’re So Not Vein” spider vein reduction crème retails for $82.00 for 2 oz.

Miss Oops can help you with all your beauty blunders and offers products such as “Show Stoppers” to hide perky nipples, “Chicken Cutlets” to help perk up the “girls” and add cleavage,  “Headshot”, an intensive moisturizing cream and one of my favorites, the “Rescue Sponge” to help remove deodorant stains on clothing (the product that started Miss Oops!).  Follow Miss Oops on Facebook for the latest product information!