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My hair has been extremely damaged since I decided to go blonde then back to dark. Then I tried to straighten it, and basically ended up with severely damaged hair that fell out when you touched it. I am not kidding. It just broke off in handfuls when I brushed my hair. It was a mess. I say was because now my hair is so much stronger. I can brush my hair and even wear it in a ponytail without having my hair fall off. When I was at a conference with Jeana from Deals4Dummies she was amazed out how much of my hair coated the bathroom floor and she felt sorry for me.

That day we went to the conference and met one of my most favorite people in the world, Kristie from Life2Good, the makers of Viviscal. She gave me a two-month supply of Viviscal about a month ago. Now, four weeks later I am thrilled to say I can run my fingers through my hair right out of the shower. No tangles, no hair loss, no breakage. It is awesome and so relieving not to have to worry about losing my hair. I had got a hair cut right before I started taking the pills so I would be able to measure my hair growth. In a short month my hair has grown just under 2 inches. That is CRAZY TALK. My hair normally grows a 1/2 inch a month along with the rest of the population. I knew that Viviscal promoted that you could have  around 2″ of growth so I was okay with letting my hair dresser cut off quite a bit, and now it is right back to the length is was before my hair cut. Simply amazing. Want to see it in person? Check me out at BlogHer ’12!

Promote Hair Growth

Thinning hair is not something that just occurs in men, it occurs in women as well. Some of the many reasons for thinning hair in women can be a normal hair loss cycle, a dietary deficiency, and pregnancy.  Now there is help for women with thinning hair.  Viviscal is a natural-based dietary supplement successfully proven in clinical trials to reverse hair loss and promote hair growth.

How Does Viviscal Work?

You may be asking, how does Viviscal work?  AminoMar C Marine Complex is a natural supplement composed of essential nutrients that are necessary to stop thinning hair and encourage the re-growth of existing hair. There are also some great side effects to taking this supplement, such as improving the condition of your skin and improving nail growth. This product has been a recommended solution by top media outlets, celebrities, and models.

Celebrities such a Reese Witherspoon and Fiona Hughes include Viviscal in their must-haves.  With all of the styling treatments celebrity hair goes through, it is wonderful to have a supplement that makes their hair healthy from the inside out.  It is very beneficial to have an alternate treatment that is drug-free and natural. Also, magazines such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour all promote the use of Viviscal for a healthy head full of hair.

Since Viviscal contains marine content it is not suitable for those who have an allergy to fish, shellfish, or women who may be pregnant/breastfeeding.  Also, this product is recommended people over the age of 18. It is always recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning taking any dietary supplement. If you are interested in purchasing Viviscal, you can do that at their very own website.  You even have the option to put this product on auto-ship so you never run out.  It is also available at some drug stores such as Walgreens and CVS.

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  1. This product sounds amazing! I have tried to take care of my hair, down through the years, but at my age(56) I need a little assistance, and this sounds like just the thing!

  2. I like the Extra Strength, and like that it addresses issues such as stress related hair loss.

  3. I have almost waist length hair and need something t help with breakage. I think your products might help!!

  4. i love the stuff youh ave and i could use the
    hair stuff for my i could use it for the get the stuff ir to cnacer an juat grwoing backfor the my hair i lost my har

  5. The Viviscal Hair Repair is what I would love to start using the most because it will stop my hair loss and breakage by working together to nourish and restore my natural health and beauty to my damaged hair !!

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