Regular massage could help you to kick out stress and improve the functioning of your body. Massage moves tissues and muscles to ensure muscle knots are reduced, and this is what arouses the good-feeling hormones that flow to give you the satisfaction. There are different forms of massage including the use of massage chairs. You can also find a massage a heated cushion that will give your body a healing that will enhance your activity.

To help you understand why many people recommend using a massage cushion, here are its pros and cons.

Pros of a heated massage cushion

  • Heated massage cushions are way cheaper than massage chairs. Some of them go for a quarter or a third of what you would pay for a massage chair. These cushions give you an effect almost as what you would get with the chair. To see how they work, you can read this page to understand why you might need to get one.
  • You can find heated massage cushions in a range of colors. This allows you to choose one that matches with your furniture. Not so much with the chairs. Color influences mood and having the ability to choose a massage chair that can look perfect in your room is an added bonus. You want the satisfaction when you pamper your tired toes and it should look good in your room.
  • You can add a massage cushion to your existing chair, sofa, or bed. This means you don’t need to get new furniture and the cushion does not eat up a lot of room. It’s a convenient item to have that will give you the best service to relax your body.
  • You should also not forget portability as this is a major advantage of a heated massage cushion. It’s easy to move the cushion between rooms (e.g. from your chair to your bed). While traveling, you can carry your massage cushion with you to any destination. This cannot be possible with a massage chair due to the bulkiness that hinders movement.

Cons of heated massage cushion

  • Unlike massage chairs, heated massage cushions don’t have the reclining functions. This means if you intend to raise your feet it will only be possible if you have a reclining chair. With such limitation, you may be forced to get additional furniture in order to enjoy the complete experience of a reclining massage cushion.
  • Massage cushions also have fewer functions compared to chairs. Some functions like massage rollers might not be included in the functioning of the cushion. If you want a premium experience, then it would be advisable to work with a massage chair because with that you can find additional functions that will help you get the results you expect.

If you are looking for the best solution to massage your tired body, you should invest in a massage chair. However, if your budget is not big, a heated massage cushion would be a perfect addition to your house. It serves the same purpose as the chair and is cheaper. Check out the different options available that you can use to enhance the performance of your massage sessions.