We all have different styles for different times. One of the key accessories in showing off your different styles is a good selection of eye wear. Whether it’s prescription glasses or just a nice collection of shades, you want to take care of them the best you can. I’m ashamed to admit that I know from personal experience that they can be quite expensive and are often the easiest  accessories to lose or break. So if your proud of your favorite  collection of specs and shades and want to keep them undamaged as well as put them proudly on display. Then showcase your eyewear in a way that is both  tasteful and secure with OYOBox.

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Showcase Your Eyewear In Style

Chosen one of Ophra’s favorites last year. OYOBOX Is the maker of beautiful cases to store and showcase your eyewear like art. Not only is this a win on the interior design aspect, it also protects your eyewear from being accidentally crushed or broken. which is a more common problem than you think. Now the makers of OYOBOX would like to introduce to you their newest way to organize your eyewear in style – the OYOBox mini holds up to 4 pairs of your favorite eyewear, and are available in OYOBox’s top-selling colors choices including White, Black, Aqua and Orange, along with their new Zebra color. Products are available in the price range of $135 and $unnamed (1)165.

So if you’ve always been searching for a fashionable and practical way to protect your investment into your eyewear,then look no further my friends. Get online to OYOBox and get just a little more control over your life and your eyewear in a way that is bold, tasteful, elegant and practical.