Electronically, we have reached a point with tablets that we did with cell phones 10-15 years ago. Can you think back to when only a few people had a cell phone and we looked at them as if they were living in the future? A recent study showed that 91% of Americans have a cell phone and of that number, 51% don’t have a land line. I think these statistics will be where we are with tablets in the same time frame. There are a plethora of reasons why tablets are so popular, but the number one reason is the portability. With a tablet being able to do just about as much as a laptop does at a fraction of the weight, carrying a tablet just makes sense. If you do take your tablet on the go with you, a cover or case for it is a must have. X-Doria is a company that has made a line of accessories for your mobile device that combine function with fashion.

Protect Your Mobile Device In Style

Finally, a company who is dedicated to making the customer their main priority from the conception of a design to the final product. X-Doria has created a line of accessories that allows you to have the stylish look you want without giving up any functionality as well as practicality. If you are looking to protect your mobile device in style, with X-Doria, you have a plethora of styles to choose from. For my iPad mini, I was sent the Dash Folio and I just love it.

The jacket keeps the screen from getting smeared or scratched and the inside enclosure secures the tablet completely. If you want to use your tablet, the Dash Folio folds into a number of positions and the magnet inside the cover awakens your tablet when it is open and puts it to sleep when it is closed. The Dash is slim, looks great, and has convenient openings for your ports and camera. You can purchase the Dash Folio online at X-Doria for $39.99 as well as the other fine products from X-Doria.