When I was younger, we raised and showed dogs at local shows and the dogs stayed indoors. We had a fenced in yard they could romp in and do what they needed to do, but they were indoor animals. We loved those dogs as much as we loved any human and boy were they spoiled! Since then, I have been a huge animal lover and have always had a pet in the house. When I married, I found out my husband was allergic to dogs, so we decided to have cats instead. The kids love our two cats and they are spoiled rotten as well! Fat Hazel got her name honestly because we feed her a bit too much and she does not get as much exercise as she should. Meep is the delicate one in the group who is think and sleek and we think has a bit of Siamese in her. When we moved into our house, we got the kittens soon after we moved in, unaware we had a problem. The previous tenants had dogs and lots of them and they left behind a flea infestation from you know where. I have been able to get a handle on the house itself, but for the cats, I have struggled. That is, until I found out about Seresto Pet.
Protect Your Pets From Fleas<

Protect Your Pets From Fleas

There is nothing as pitiful as your pet when they are suffering. It broke my heart to see the girls scratching almost constantly. On both visits to the vet, we were told to buy a name brand topical flea medication. We tried the product twice and the cats were still miserable. I was about to pull out my hair because nothing we tried was working. I even went online and looked at homeopathic ways to treat fleas an they did not work either. When I heard about Seresto for cats and dogs, I was hopeful that it would do the trick. With it being flea and tick season in high gear, it is more important than ever to protect your pets from fleas and ticks. With the collar from Seresto, you get 8 full months of flea protection, which is more than most of their competitors can offer. The reason I prefer a collar as opposed to the topical medication is that the cats will do anything to try and lick that off. I hate keeping them away from each other for hours so they cannot lick the medication off one another. I was worried that I would have a problem putting the collar on, but Fat Hazel sat in my lap and let me put it on with no problems.

I am here to tell you I am completely sold on the Seresto Pet flea protection because it really works! After I out the collar on Fat Hazel, she pouted for a bit and about an hour later she crawled into my lap. She looked up at me and I saw a flea on her face and it was dead! I know, right?! I could not believe how quickly the product worked! I have not seen her scratch once since I put the collar on and I have set a reminder on my phone for 8 months from now when I need to switch it out. This product is a lifesaver and if you have issues with fleas, this will kill them dead! You can purchase Seresto from retailer stores were pet products are sold as well as select vets for $64.99. If you visit the Seresto website now, you can register and save $20 off your Seresto product.


  1. Thanks for the post, good info. I just got a cat from the shelter and was surprised the vet said that we don’t have to worry about fleas in the part of Arizona that I live in! I am pleased that my precious cat and I will not have those chemicals around.

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