protect your phone

Protect Your Phone

If you are someone who is active and on the go, you should probably find a way to protect your phone.  I found out the hard way that if you don’t have a phone case, it breaks when you drop it!  I am clumsy anyway, so my poor phone has not always been protected. To add to my problem, Henry has been pretending to be a videographer and he will sneak my phone away and shoot his mini-movies! He has dropped my phone more than once, but he has never broken it.  I on the other hand, have not been as lucky.  I have dropped my phone and broke the back off and I have cracked my screen when I stepped on it.  To make sure my phone has a life span of more than a few days, I thought I should look for a cover that would help cushion the blows it has taken.

Ballistic is a company who makes phone cases just for klutzy people like me!  With a staff filled with engineers, it made sense they would come up with a design for a phone case that was rugged and would with stand the bumps and bruises phones can go through.  The Ballistic cases are designed to absorb the shock of being dropped and there is rubber on the inside the case to prevent scratches.  To complement the Ballistic design, you can customize your case by adding optional layers or a holster for easy carrying.

Prevent Damage To Your Phone

To save yourself the cost of replacing a broken phone, why not prevent damage to your phone?  It is so easy to have a phone slip out of your hands and before you know it, you are on the way to the store to order a replacement.  With our phone service, if we drop the phone, we pay a $50 replacement fee.  That is way too high!  I was able to review the Lifestyle Smooth Series case for the iPhone.  I chose the hot pink phone case from Ballistic ($29.99).  I love the slim design of the Ballistic case and it actually helps keep the phone from slipping or dropping.  The motto of the Ballistic crew is “Just Drop It”!, but I chose not to do what they told me but I trust them to know if I were to just drop it, my phone would be protected.  Included with the Lifestyle case are 16 interchangeable bumpers in a variety of colors to jazz up your case!  I think for the price, this case is a good deal.