Puppy Training Supplies

Puppy Training Supplies

Whenever you adopt a furry baby, you need the proper puppy training supplies.  If you have never had a new puppy in the house, you are in for a treat, but be prepared for the work that comes with the cutie pie.  Puppies need training pads, to protect your floors and carpets, a good cleaner for those times when the puppy misses the pads and bags for the outdoor waste your pup leaves behind.  I think people get caught up in how cute a puppy is and then get home and are not prepared for the work it takes to train them.  I have a friend whose dog is almost 3 years old that still uses the potty in the house.  She told me she didn’t know how to train them to go outside, so she just keeps buying training pads!

Out! Pet Care has everything you need to make your training efforts with your puppy a success!  The staff at Out!  Pet Care has developed the perfect items you need to feel confident about your task of potty training your puppy.  We know when teaching our pet to use the potty outside, there will still be messes inside that need to be taken care of.  Out! has some of the best training supplies on the market.  These products will help you protect your home from stains and smells until Fido or Frisky learns to wait until they go outside to “do their business”.  To learn more about the Out! Products you can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Super Absorbent Puppy Pads

If you have a new puppy, you are going to need super absorbent puppy pads!  There is nothing worse than to have a pad down, your puppy wets it and when you pick it up to dispose of it, there is urine on the floor or carpet.  I have had that happen and it is so frustrating!  When one of my favorite PR contacts, Erica, told me about Out! Pet Care products, I was very interested.  With a new puppy in the house, we could use some help with training it.  The Moisture Lock Training Pads ($12.72 for 50) are super absorbent, the top layer dries rapidly and there is an odor neutralizer to keep the smells away.  The Out! Oxy-Fast Stain and Odor Remover ($12.04 for 32 ounces) is by far, the best product for eliminating odors I have ever used.  It is also great for garbage, cat boxes and other smelly stuff.  When your puppy is ready to go potty outside (we are still working on that one), the Out! Dispenser and pick-up bags ($10.99) are perfect for your backyard as well as the dog park.  The handy clip on the dispenser attaches easily to your pants, purse or the pup’s collar.  I can assure you that the training of this new puppy has been made much easier with these awesome products from Out!

One reader will win a puppy training kit, which includes 1 pack of 14 training pads, 1 bottle of the Oxy-Fast cleaner and odor neutralizer and one dispenser with one additional roll of bags ($28.00).

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  1. The puppy pads although my dog is 10 years old, so he’s not a puppy. I use puppy pads all the time because he’s an indoor dog.

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