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Doing what you love, following your passions, and pursuing what truly makes you happy are the keys to a blissful life. Many of us work very hard too many hours of the day, and if you are not one of the few-fortunate who have a career that is also their passion, you need to make time for serious play! You only live once, so I feel you should spend your short time here on Earth as best as you can.

My passions are of a creative nature and somewhat intertwine. One of my favorite things to do is revel in my memories. I like looking at pictures to remind me of times I had when I was with someone or at someplace special. Like when the family went to the beach for a week in the summer. I indulged in my passions of travel, photography and created an art piece! There is comfort in the memory hanging on my wall.

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Since I was a little girl I have loved learning how others live through traveling. Not everyone is like me, and it is such a break from the normal routine to experience life through another’s eyes. I want to travel to every continent and by every mode of transportation available. I have also just begun learning photography. See how that goes so well with traveling? Now I can take great pictures of my travels and have the memories I want to capture to reflect on. Then I add in my love of art. Creating art out of my memories is another hobby I have dabbled in since I was 4 or 5!


Thank goodness I am one of the lucky ones who encompasses all of these activities into my job. Recently, I traveled to New York, and was able to visit my sister who I had not seen in years. She is a fashion designer and I was able to watch her indulge in her passions. Another one of the lucky ones, she makes a living from her art. So I took a picture of us, and am now making a memory box! It is pretty time consuming with all of the editing and weaving and such, but it will look awesome when I am done.

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What are your passions? What revs your engine?


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  1. I love traveling but crafts….not too good at it even though I love seeing how they are created though!

  2. A memory box is a terrific idea! I need to create one for my daughter. She had an awesome summer and the box would be a fun way to store mementos. What are my passions? Traveling and photography!

  3. I am just like you in that I take a ton of photos of every single thing in life. I want my kids to look back and live life through moments I have captured… But I have never thought of doing anything with the photos. I love the ideas you had! Thank you!

  4. My passion is in fitness and healthy living. I’ve worked in hospitals in nutrition and now as a nurse, but I’d rather work with non-sick people (selfish maybe) who can be (and want to be) a little more active in their fitness quest. Still working on that goal. Thanks for sharing yours.

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