smoking is stupid (1)Smoking changes your life for sure, and not in a good way. I remember being a little girl, in a car with my friends mom, and she was chain smoking cigarette’s with one window barely cracked, when it was time to get out of the car  the smoke billowed out of the car like a steamroller. Was awful, all day all I could taste was smoke. Every time she wanted to smoke we had to go with her, so each time it affected me, without my knowledge it was hurting me. So by the end of the day , my clothes, my hair, even my skin smelled like smoke. My mother never let me go anywhere with that friend again, nor to her house. Smoking cost me a really good friend in that period of my life. Now I understand why my mom did what she did, it was not a good example or a healthy environment  for any adult let alone children. We did not need a lesson that smoking cigarettes is acceptable. Now As a smoker, I have noticed my clothes stink. Stains my teeth to a terrible yellow. My breath smells after I smoke, no one likes that. If you smoke inside, it permeates into everything, Walls, Carpet, and Curtains, until you can’t distinguish the smell anymore. So you wind up smelling like an ashtray. My friend Jennifer doesn’t even wish to be around me because of the smell of smoke, if I go to her home I cannot smoke, not even outside on the porch, because of the stench.  Your taste-buds are gone, or altered at least, so where food doesn’t ever taste normal. This doesn’t include the risk of cancer. Quitting is not an easy task but it is worth it , to reclaim parts of your life back, like enjoying time with your family and  friends without the need to go out and smoke, or smoking around them and putting their health at risk. Most all of the smoker’s want to try to quit smoking cigarettes. Take a look at all the things you postpone or walk away from when you want a cigarette. It is a surreal awakening to how you are effecting your body and the people you love.

Three ways to quit smoking

  1. Get an E-cigarette: Get an E-cigarette or Handheld Vaporizer: An E-Cigarette or handheld vaporizer is healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. It is a vapor not smoke so you can smoke inside without the fear of smell or harming anyone else. And you regain your time back that has been lost isolating yourself from others who don’t smoke. There are many different E-Cigarette’s you can choose from, disposable to rechargeable to modified units. You can also use many different flavors to fill your E-cigarette with.
  2.  Quit Cold Turkey: Quitting cold turkey is scary, so scary I have never done it. I can’t imagine the struggle your body goes through with withdraw symptoms. And I had a problem with the whole gaining weight and being irritated all the time.
  3. The Patch: The Patch is a nicotine replacement system. I have tried it and  not found success with this because of the irritation it has caused me. And if I slipped up and smoked a cigarette I would get  terribly sick. My dreams were very weird as well while trying this. If you are on a budget this system may not be the way to go, It can get very expensive.
  4. Having a support system: I have found that telling your family and friends you are quitting and  having people around who support your decision is imperative to your success. My family and even my smoking friends have all helped kept me focused on my goal.
  5. Throw the cigarettes away: This was a really hard task. I could really feel the anxiety creeping in at just the thought of not having it there if  I wanted it. But i took the road less traveled and threw them away. I don’t need temptation staring me in the face.
  6. Talk To your Doctor: Talking with your Doctor can ease allot of your concerns. It also really allows you to hear how you will be helping yourself in the long run as well as seeing what cigarettes are doing to your body. Sometimes hearing it from a professional can put your mind in a place to give you more will power to overcome this addiction.
  7. Keep a Journal: This method really improved the communication between myself and my addiction. Every time I craved a cigarette I would write it down, what time it was, what activity I was doing so I could learn my patterns and trigger points, its important to stay away from those trigger points, like alcohol and stress, while you are trying to quit.
  8. Distract yourself: Keeping yourself occupied is essential, at times I would just take a power walk to get rid of the cravings. Call a friend, let them know how you are feeling. Clean your house or take a nice long bath, go to the movies. I really tried to do activities where it was impossible for me to light up.  Always know there is something that can be done that cannot include you smoking.
  9. Acupuncture:  Alternative medicine has been  a great way to curb those cravings and keep your energy where it should be. It is an Ancient Chinese Medicine that really does help with the anxiety and relaxes you, Not to mention they actually have a quit smoking trigger point on your body, that can stimulate. With this method your mind and body really come together.
  10. Have a quit date: Get your calendar and mark it. Having a set date can be really helpful. Write a contract and sign it that this is the day you will stop smoking. has incredible information on  major electronic cigarettes manufacturers and their products. It is a place where you can learn about E-Cigarette popularity. It’s an all in one place to learn all you need to know.The Information that shares  is very neutral and fair. I have found on some Websites, the information is targeted to certain brands. If you want to educate yourself on the most important decision you will ever make, Ecigsopedia is the way to go. E-cigsopedia is a great place to get advice from people who have just started to  use the E-cigarettes systems  to others who have been using them for a long time and are now smoke free. I found that anything I wanted to know or was curious about it was available within their database. I found it to be very enlightening and refreshing that someone wasn’t trying to sell me anything , yet gave so much  clarity on what I needed and how I could transition from tobacco to an E-cigarette with ease. I was ready to take the plunge to become a non-smoker. I had done my research on  and I knew I was being well informed, I believed so much in the E-cigarette systems that I applied for a job, where they sold E-cigarettes, and made their own E-juice. I bought a E-cigarette system, and from that point on my time really became my own.My beautiful things could no longer get ruined by smoke or burns. I could actually breath and taste food in a whole new way for the first time in 20 years. I didn’t have to worry about taking a break away from the business or  to go smoke a cigarette.  I really enjoyed the time spent learning about this wonderful life changing invention. It helped me understand why E-cigarettes worked and how it helps you quit smoking from a different perspective . We had customers that had been smoking for 30 plus years come in and buy systems, they would always come back with positive results. My reasoning for quitting was a pretty big wake up call to what was important in my life, and that is my family. I had a Doll that was handed down from 4 generations of women in my family, this Doll had made it through many years still beautiful and pristine. I received it as a Christmas Gift in my Jr. Year of High school. I adored her and she of course was displayed and out for all to see. One day I picked her up, and forgot I left her on my table right next to an ashtray, with a half lite cigarette in it, by the time I returned her clothes were burnt and parts melted. I had ruined a portion of my history, how was I to hand this down to my daughter now?  I was so distraught and felt so terrible that my addiction did this, how could I be so careless. That was the day I decided I would quit smoking for good. I cleaned her up, got new clothes for her, and fixed her where needed, the best I could. I guess there is the lesson to the next generation, Smoking cigarettes can ruin things you love the most.