Why Friends Are Important

Unless you are a hermit who prefers to live under a rock, you know humans are relational people. We were not built to be completely alone our entire lives. Without relationships, both romantic and platonic, we would shrivel up and wither away. At least I am pretty sure we would! Without friends, our lives would be somehow incomplete and pretty boring as well. You may not know this, but having friends is also important for our psyche too. Here are just 4 reasons that is true:

Why Friendships Are Important

Why Friendships Are Important

  1. Fulfilling: If you have friends in your life, you are never alone. A friend is someone you can share your secrets with, who can be a sounding board, and love you even when you do not love yourself.
  2. Fun: I have had some of the most fun in my life when I was with a friend. This includes seeing my favorite band in concert, sneaking over the fence to swim in a neighbors pool and even when I had my kids.
  3. Personal Growth: When you have a good friend to lean on, they are a great motivating factor in your life. A true friend will push you to be the best you can be, even when you are not feeling so sure of yourself.
  4. Longevity: Studies have shown that happy people live longer. Other studies have shown people who are happy have friends in their lives.

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With the holidays upon us, it is not only the time to think of our family, but our friends as well. We all have at least one friend who has no family in town to celebrate with and plans to be alone for the holidays. This is when our friendship powers kick in and we invite them to our home for the holidays. Now Thanksgiving becomes Friendsgiving, which is a popular take on Thanksgiving when friends come together to celebrate good food and great company. If you have kids in the house, the holidays are a great time to show them what friendship is all about. The holidays can be a time when many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. When this happens, we forget about those less fortunate and how we can make someone who may not have a reason to celebrate, to change that prospect.

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What are your reasons why friends are important in your life?